So Clean!: Natural Facial Cleanser by Fleur & Bee

So Clean!: Natural Facial Cleanser by Fleur & Bee

With that work grind, social media scrolling, and your streaming TV commitments — it can be easy to skip sleep … and even easier to skip your nighttime skin care routine!

Falling into bed with a full face of makeup on? We’ve all been there.

But adulting means self-care, and one of the first requirements is keeping your skin so fresh and so clean! Clean skin means healthy, younger-looking skin — and who doesn’t want that for the long haul?

That’s why we developed our gentle vegan facial cleanser, So Clean! It’s designed to pamper your outer layer and set the stage so other skin care products pack as much power as possible.

Here’s everything you need to know about this natural facial cleanser, what’s in it — and why it’s the ultimate foundation for a radiant, youthful face:

Here’s Why a Facial Cleanser Is the Most Important Part of Your Skin Care Routine

You probably know that you’re supposed to wash your face, but like a lot of things we’re “supposed” to do — it can be easy to overlook when you’re in a calendar crunch.

But even if you skip every other aspect of your skin care routine (seriously though, please don’t), wash yo’ face!

We repeat: wash yo’ face, wash yo’ face, wash yo’ face.

So what are the consequences if you don’t follow this wise advice? Well:

  • Environmental pollutants and toxins will build up on your skin. Yuck!
  • Dirt and oil can clog your pores and put you at a higher risk of breakouts.
  • When your skin is dirty, it’s not as good at regenerating. In other words, prepare for premature aging!
  • Over time, clogged pores can actually appear larger in size.
  • If you’re wearing makeup, say so-long to your clean pillowcase!
  • Your skin can dry out, especially if you’re also skipping a nighttime moisturizer. (Alternatively, grimy buildup can also make your skin look more oily.)

Convinced yet? Seriously, who wants any of that nonsense?

Using a natural facial cleanser provides a clean base for nutrients, helps remove icky build up, and leaves your outer layer looking luminous. It’s the key first step for a successful skin care routine.

Hand holding So Clean! Natural facial cleanser by Fleur & Bee

What to Look for in a Gentle Face Cleanser

The point of face wash might seem super obvious, but there’s a little more to it than that. You don’t want to wash your face with dish soap, for example, or any other harsh, drying cleansers — particularly if you have sensitive skin.

While “squeaky clean” might sound like a good idea, your skin has lots of natural oils that keep it dewy and soft — so you don’t want to strip those away altogether.

Ideally you want a gentle cleanser with natural, plant-based ingredients — no toxins or drying agents.

The Good-for-You Ingredients in Our Vegan Facial Cleanser

Fleur & Bee’s natural facial cleanser was specially formulated to gently rid your skin of dirt and toxins while keeping your natural oils intact.

You asked for it, we created it! Because you need a fresh, clean canvas for our products to work their magic.

Here’s what we added to our gentle cleanser to help it give you that glow up:

  • Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the best, isn’t it? From cooking to haircare, it’s a magical serum with an array of benefits. We chose organic coconut oil for So Clean! Because of its incredible hydrating properties. Plus, it’s rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E and Vitamin A which encourage youthful, radiant skin.

  • Organic Sunflower Oil

In addition to being gorgeous, golden blooms, sunflowers famously produce seeds that create a nutrient-packed oil. It’s rich in vitamin E, helps your skin retain moisture, and even alleviates temporary redness.

  • Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

Taken from the perpetually useful aloe vera plant, organic aloe vera leaf extract has a gentle, soothing effect and helps remove buildup from the skin’s surface. It contains good-for-you enzymes, antioxidants, and Vitamins A and C, and its known for promoting a smooth, even skin tone.

  • Organic Gotu Kola

This lesser-known herb helps to renew the look of beautiful skin, plus hydrate and protect. It’s beneficial properties have been recognized for centuries by many ancient cultures, so you’ll be in good company.

  • L-arginine

Another ingredient name that might be new to you, L-arginine is actually an amino acid. Found naturally in hair keratin and skin collagen, it nourishes and replenishes your skin’s appearance.

  • Dandelion Extract

Flowers are more than just pretty decor! The extract from these lovely little blooms actually helps to nourish and soothe. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E, it encourages plump, revitalized skin.

  • Wild Geranium Extract

Another beneficial flower, wild geranium has lots of nutritive properties. It’s known for removing build up from the surface of skin, temporarily firming and tightening, and giving a boost of hydration.

  • Rosemary Leaf Extract

This pleasantly scented herb is also an antioxidant powerhouse, and helps to protect against environmental stressors. It can also soothe skin and relieve temporary redness or irritation.

Emily washing face

How to Use Our Natural Face Wash

Use your So Clean! natural facial cleanser in the morning when you wake up, and before bed.

Here’s a rundown of your quick and easy daily routine using Fleur & Bee’s natural vegan products.

  1. Wash your face with So Clean! and lukewarm water. Rinse clean.
  2. Spritz Rose and Shine onto your face and neck and allow it to absorb.
  3. Apply 2-3 drops of Nectar of the C onto fingertips. Gently smooth onto your entire face, avoiding the eye area. Let your skin soak it up.
  4. Generously apply Crème de la Cream moisturizer to your face and neck.
  5. Dab a small amount of Eyes Eyes Baby around your eye area.
  6. Finito! Now bask in that glowing, soft skin!

With less than 10 minutes twice daily you’ll have luscious, dewy, youthful looking skin in no time!