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The Best Skin Care Routine for Your 20s

The Best Skin Care Routine for Your 20s

It’s been said that youth is wasted on the young and when it comes to skin, that couldn’t be more true. If you’re in your 20s, your skin is probably at its absolute best so enjoy it for all its worth, but remember, having great skin doesn’t mean you can just let it go.

Even fabulous skin needs a fabulous skincare routine which is why in this article we’re going to discuss how you can expect your skin to change in your 20s, lifestyle changes you should make in your 20s, things you should stop doing in your 20s, and the best skincare routine for 20s.

Developing a good skin care routine in your 20s is sort of like taking care of your car before that little red “Check Engine” light goes on. If you start taking care of your skin now, you’ll have way fewer skin issues—like fine lines and wrinkles—later on!


Main Takeaways: Skin care in your 20s is a lot about prevention. It’s crucial to begin a skin care routine to help prevent sun damage and common signs of aging.

Good to Know: Don’t go to sleep with your makeup on. The makeup and dirt and oil from the day will clog your pores if left on overnight.

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Skin in Your 20s

In some ways, when you’re in your 20s. your skin is the most stable it will ever be, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be changes. Here’s a short list of some of the changes your skin might experience in your 20s.

You may experience breakouts

Thought you were over breakouts? Maybe not! Between hormones, birth control, pregnancy, and a lot of sebum production (that’s the natural oil that helps keep your skin soft), you might find your skin breaking out a bit.

You may start seeing the effects of sun damage

Remember all those fabulous summers by the lake during high school? Well, you may not remember them, but your skin does. You may find that those cute little freckles you used to get in the summer are now visible year-round or that your skin has a bit of an uneven tone to it thanks to some bad burns. Chances are, unless you’re a serious sun bunny, these signs won’t be highly visible now, but you still might see a picture of what’s to come.

You might look more tired than you used to

Remember when you used to be able to pull back-to-back all-nighters and still look as if you got eight hours of peaceful, quality sleep? Well, unfortunately, those days might be coming to a close. Now, if you stay out clubbing or just watch Netflix all night, you’ll probably see it on your face the next day in the form of dark, under eye circles or just a general dullness to your skin.

You may start seeing the first signs of aging

This probably won’t happen until your late 20s, but don’t be shocked if you start seeing just a few little fine lines here and there around the eye area and even lips in particular.

Best skin care routine for your 20s.

Since we’re imploring you to start a regular skin care routine, we thought it was only fair to walk you through the process.

Here are the steps you need to take to keep your skin looking and feeling its absolute best. Remember to go through this routine once in the morning and then again at night.

1. Clean your skin

 While this may seem self-evident, if you think about all the times you didn’t bother to do it, you’ll realize why we’re mentioning it (and don’t worry—you’re far from alone!).

A good, natural cleanser like our So Clean! cleanser is a perfect choice! In fact, it will even take off your make-up! Just pump out about a quarter-sized amount and gently massage into the skin. Rinse off with warm water and you’re good to go!

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2. Exfoliate

 One great way to really give your skin a healthy glow (and keep your pores unclogged), is to use an exfoliant. If you’ve never used one before, try to find a gentle, but non-oily scrub that won’t irritate your skin. It will not only help keep your skin free of dirt and oil, it will help other products—like your moisturizer—work more effectively.

3. Apply anti-acne spot treatment

Experiencing a break-out? There are some great anti-acne treatments out there that can just be applied to the breakouts (as opposed to your whole face) and can get them to settle down pretty quickly. Our advice is to experiment a bit with one or two so that if you happen to get a breakout before a big event, you know you have a product you can rely on!

4. Use a toner

It’s possible you’ve never used a toner before so adding this step may be new to you. All you have to do is spritz a natural toner on and let it dry. This will balance out your oils and moisturize the skin.

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5. Use a serum

A serum like our Nectar of the C will even and brighten your skin tone and even reduce the appearance of dark spots if you have any.

But that’s not all serums do! If your skin is a little on the oily side—which is actually pretty common in your 20s—you can use a serum that exfoliates.

If you find your skin is sensitive and easily irritated—also common at this stage of life—the emollient effect of serum will smooth and calm the skin.

Many serums also contain antioxidants which help protect the skin from environmental stressors that harm it.

Finally, try using serums before you put on your make-up! They prep the skin beautifully and really smooth it out for better application.

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6. Use an eye cream

If you’ve never used an eye cream before, don’t worry—there’s nothing to it! Just dot a little eye cream around the eye area, being careful not to tug too hard. Gently massage it into your skin, making sure not to get it in your eyes.

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7. Moisturize

Even if you don’t have any signs of lines or wrinkles, you still need to make sure your skin is completely hydrated. Use our Crème de la Cream all over your face and even your neck to restore moisture to the skin.

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8. Use sunscreen

Before applying make-up be sure to apply a layer of sunscreen to your face, neck, and any exposed skin. A good rule of thumb is that if you can see the sun, you need sunscreen!

9. Detox

About one-to-three times a week, we recommend detoxing your skin with a face mask like our Prince Charcoal Detox Mask which will really dig out all those impurities and dirt.

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Best skincare routine for your 20s

Things you need to start doing for your skin in your 20s

Start using an eye cream

As mentioned above, you probably don’t have many—or even any—wrinkles around the eye area but that’s exactly why you should start using an eye cream—so you keep it that way! If you’ve never incorporated an eye cream into your skin care routine, it’s simple. Just use your ring finger to gently dot an eye cream around your eyes. You can carefully rub it in, but don’t pull too hard as the skin around the eyes is extremely delicate. Do this right before your moisturizer.

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Start using sunblock

There aren’t many hard-and-fast rules to follow in skincare but one of them is that you should absolutely, 100% without fail, ALWAYS wear sunscreen if you’re going outside. Summer, winter, day, night…OK, maybe you can go without it at night, but other than that, sun block should absolutely be a part of your daily skin care routine. Nothing does damage like the sun and getting too much of it can not only make your skin look older before its time, but it can cause serious health problems down the line.

If you don’t believe how important this is, ask a few older women if they wished they’d worn more sunscreen in their youth. We can all but guarantee you what the answer will be!

Establish a routine

Even in your 20s, you probably already have drawers full of random cleansers and scrubs and masks and who knows what else, bought here and there and you probably don’t even know what most of it does.

Now’s the time to really think about establishing a good, easy-to-follow skin care routine that covers all the skin care basics (you may have 20 moisturizers and no toner!). A good skincare routine will include everything from a cleanser to a moisturizer and everything along the way.

Find an affordable skin care line

When it comes to skin care, it’s pretty much always better to use one line and system of products so you know they work well together. And since you’re presumably going to be using that skin care line for years to come, it’s probably better to find one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg every time you need to replenish (plus, who has that much disposable income in their 20s?).

That’s part of why we decided to create a line of products that were all under $30. That way, you don’t have to break the bank every time you need to replace something. We even created an affordable Starter Set so you can try us out for less than the price of an average product in some lines. It includes everything but our Prince Charcoal mask so you can really get a sense of how our daily routine works.

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Be aware of your skin type

Up until now, you probably haven’t even really thought that much about skin type, but it’s important to know so you can adjust your skin care routine accordingly. At Fleur & Bee we made all our skin products to work with any skin type, so all you have to do is adjust how much you use according to your skin type.

For instance, if you have an oily T-Zone (that would be the forehead, nose, and chin) but are a little drier everywhere else, you probably have combination skin and will want to do a little extra cleansing on that part of your face.

If you find you’re dry everywhere, you want to add a little extra moisturizer to relieve the dryness. Oily everywhere? A toner like our Rose and Shine Rose Water Toner will help with excess oil.

Things you should stop doing to protect your skin in your 20s.

Now that you’re in your 20s, bad lifestyle habits really start to show on your face. Luckily, just a few little adjustments to your daily routine will make a huge difference to your skin!

Stop eating junk

If you’re like the majority of 20-somethings, you probably still occasionally have a bag of potato chips for dinner or go a whole week without eating a single vegetable. We hate to tell you this, but pretty soon, your skin is going to start to suffer for that in the form of a general dullness or even break outs. Cutting out processed or super-oily foods from your diet is going to make a world of difference!

Stop sunbathing

We don’t mean to sound like your mother, but there is almost nothing you could do that’s worse for your skin than to spend time baking in the sun. If you really want great skin later on in life, kiss your sunbathing days goodbye.

Stop smoking

Clearly, there are a lot of reasons we could give about why you should stop this. But, when it comes to your skin smoking is one of the best ways to ensure you will have wrinkles prematurely. Seriously, with every puff you’re basically taking one more step towards dull, wrinkly, and generally unhealthy-looking skin. The good news is that quitting turns back the clock almost immediately and we think you’ll find that your skin will look brighter and healthier soon after you stop.

Stop drinking soda

We know—it doesn’t seem like soda is that big a deal, but in fact, it is. Soda is often full of caffeine which can seriously dehydrate your skin. It’s also full of sugar which puts you at greater risk of breakouts.

Stop experimenting with products

Again, we hate to sound like your mother, but it’s time to settle down and commit to a real program with products that work together to keep your skin looking its best. If you’re still using a few products from here and a few products from there, they may actually be working at cross purposes. Find a comprehensive skin care routine that’s easy to maintain and with products that work in harmony with each other.

Stop going to sleep with your make-up on

OK, even we cop to doing this, but we all know this is bad for your skin. Aside from the fact that you’ll wake up looking like Elvira, most make-up is full of oils and, well, junk that can get in your pores and clog them up or make your skin break out. When you think about it, eight hours (plus however long you had the make-up on to begin with) is a long time to let a bunch of oily gunk sit on your skin.