Best Morning Skin Care Routine

Best Morning Skin Care Routine

Devoting part of that precious time between waking up and walking out the door for skin care may seem silly if you’ve already done it the night before, but in fact, it’s crucial to maintaining the look and feel of really great skin. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll talk about creating the best morning skincare routine, what products you need to do that, and talk about some ways to make sure you actually stick with it.


Main Takeaways: It may seem odd to go through a whole skin care routine at night just to go through it again in the morning, but a morning skin care routine is crucial to keeping skin its best!

Good to Know: Going through your morning skincare routine doesn’t just ensure great skin--it’s also an easy way to make sure your makeup or sunscreen go on much more smoothly.

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Why Would You Want a Morning Skincare Routine?

Given that most people who are dedicated to a daily skin care routine usually perform this ritual at night, it’s understandable that one might question why a morning skincare routine is also necessary or even useful. After all, if we’ve taken off all our make-up and washed our skin the night before, what’s the point?

In fact, a morning skincare routine is absolutely crucial for maintaining great skin and not committing to one is like dedicating yourself to a great workout routine for just one side of your body! The only way to make sure your skin is in tip-top shape is to make sure you’re giving your skin attention in the morning as well as night.

There are many reasons to commit to a morning skin care routine, including the fact that a morning skincare routine gets your skin ready for make-up and/or sunscreen by making sure it’s as clean and as exfoliated as possible. We promise, your make-up will go on much more smoothly and evenly (and look 10x better) if you have a solid skin care routine.

A morning skincare routine can also wash the sweat off your face. If you’re like just about everyone you probably sweat a little--maybe even a lot-- during the night. That sweat causes dirt and oil to become lodged in your pores, making skin prone to breakouts or clogged pores. By getting it off with a great cleanser, you’re giving it a much better shot at not breaking out.

Also, a morning skincare routine can help protect your skin from the day to come. One of the main reasons to even use skincare products in the first place is to take advantage of antioxidants which protect skin from environmental stressors. By using skincare products rich in antioxidants, you’ll help shield your skin from whatever is thrown at it that day!

It also allows you to replenish products that have been absorbed into your skin overnight. The whole point of really great moisturizers, serums, etc., is to absorb into the skin for really thorough hydration. Obviously, that means when you wake up, those products are usually fully absorbed. Your morning skincare routine brings them back!

Additionally, it helps “clean up” skin that has flaked overnight. Your skin is constantly turning over and while that’s great for letting new, healthy skin show through, it also means a layer of dead skin that sits on top of your face. Since your skin doesn’t know whether it’s night or day, it’ll just keep shedding overnight. By including exfoliation or even just cleansing into your morning skincare routine, you’re getting those dead flakes off the skin.

Finally, a morning skincare routine will give you an instant glow. Have you ever walked into an exercise class looking tired and listless and walked out looking refreshed and healthy? That’s probably because you’ve gotten your blood flow going and that’s very similar to the way a morning skincare routine works. Just washing your face can make it look much, much healthier--and who doesn’t want that kind of start to the day?

What’s the right morning skincare routine order?

The morning skincare routine order is where a lot of people get tripped up but in fact, it’s really pretty simple. Here’s a quick run-down of a perfect morning skincare routine order:

  1. Cleanse - First things first! Cleaning your skin in the morning is just as crucial as cleaning it at night to make sure you get all the sweat and oil off your face that might have collected overnight! That said, if you have super dry skin, you might be able to get away with not cleansing in the morning.
  2. Tone - A toner is the perfect way to really control excess oil and minimize the look of pores for the day! And with a toner as gentle as our Rose and Shine rosewater toner, you can spritz away throughout the day!
  3. Apply a serum - There’s no better or faster way to really get a glow on for the day than with a serum full of vitamin C which is known for its incredible ability to make the skin glow like the sun. That’s exactly why we’ve packed our serum, Nectar of the C vitamin C serum with lots of it!
  4. Use an eye cream - “Eye cream? Isn’t that a nighttime product?” you may ask? Au contraire! An eye cream like our Eyes Eyes Baby is great in the morning for prepping the eye area for make-up or minimizing the look of puffiness and bags! Also, it has caffiene in it--talk about the ultimate morning pick-me-up product!
  5. Moisturize - Applying a moisturizer like our Crème de la Cream is really crucial for a lot of reasons--replenishing moisture, smoothing skin so it takes on make-up more easily, or brightening skin tone.
  6. Apply a sunscreen - If there is one step in your morning skincare routine that is the most crucial, it is definitely this one! Using sunscreen will not only help protect your skin from visible damage and dark spots, it might even help save you from developing something really serious, like cancer. Not only do we recommend applying this in the morning, we recommend applying it throughout the day! This should be a totally non-negotiable part of your morning skincare routine day in and day out!

But do I really need to wash my face in the morning?

We guarantee you you’re not alone in asking this. As we said above, it might seem strange to wash your face in the morning when you’ve just done it the night before, but most people do need to give their face a good wash first thing in the morning. Otherwise you’ll risk clogged pores and skin that just doesn’t take in moisturizer, make-up, or most importantly, sunscreen well. However, some people with dry skin can get away with skipping the morning cleanse. It’s all about just doing what’s best for your skin.

So those are our tips for getting your skin in tip-top shape each morning. Whether you decide to do it before or after your coffee is up to you--the main thing is just to make sure you do it!