Wild Geranium Extract for Skin: Benefits, How to Use

Wild Geranium Extract for Skin: Benefits, How to Use

If no one’s told you lately, let this be your reminder: you totally belong among the wildflowers! And short of scouring your neighborhood for blooming gardens and fields through which to frolic (although you should definitely do that!), you may need to look no further than your skincare! Wild geranium extract is a byproduct of a precious little flower that is not only aesthetically lovely, but also offers a full range of superpowers to help beautify your complexion in a variety of different ways. Read on to learn more about this exciting elixir and how to use it!


Ingredient Category: Astringent, anti-inflammatory

Main Benefit: Wild geranium extract promotes a healthy, balanced complexion, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

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What Is Wild Geranium Extract?

Wild geranium extract is a naturally derived, minimally processed byproduct of the botanical known as wild geranium; it is sometimes referred to as geranium matalatum, cranesbill, alumroot, or crowfoot. Wild geranium is a tough plant native to various parts of North America, ranging all the way from parts of Canada to states like Alabama and South Dakota to name a few. It can thrive in a variety of different growing conditions and is most naturally found in woodlands and shady roadsides. But you can also peep this plant as it prospers in wetlands, swamps, meadows, and even savannas, as wild geranium belongs to the botanical family Geraniaceae, which originates in subtropical southern Africa.

This pretty purple flower spreads by its rhizome, or the thick, tubular, root-esque underground stem from which the tangential roots and upward shoots grow. This rhizome is extremely potent in power and full of tannins that offer a variety of different health benefits. Consequently, the rhizome is often distilled to formulate wild geranium extract. Quality wild geranium extracts start with carefully shade-dried and autumn harvested plant matter. They are then often crafted in small batches and distilled with organic alcohols to help preserve the nature of the live plant’s phytochemicals and bioactive compounds to yield fast absorbing liquids.

It is a delicate process, but one that is well worth the reward. One of the most remarkable extracts available, wild geranium extract has been used for centuries in ancient Chinese, European, and even Egyptian medicine to combat things like waning concentration, fatigue, tension, insomnia, and hormonal imbalance. It is also a powerful mood booster, often applied in aromatherapy to address feelings of anxiety and depression, and is said to have positive effects on digestive, respiratory, and circulatory functions. There’s no doubt about it; wild geranium extract can flex! But what may be our favorite of wild geranium’s super talents is its ability to beautify the skin and promote a clean, youthful, and radiant complexion. OMG. Tell me more!!

Wild Geranium Extract Skin Benefits

It Clarifies.

Wild geranium extract is one of nature’s most powerful astringents. Gone are the days of smelly, chemical tonics that vow to clear your complexion, only to dry you out and create newly unwanted issues. If you’ve got oily skin or if your pores are prone to congestion, there’s a plant for that! Wild geranium extract contains antibacterial and cleansing properties that can help purge the skin of dirt, grime, environmental stressors, makeup, and excess sebum to help clarify pores for a clean and smooth complexion. But it does so without stripping it of any of the good stuff, making it perfect for mature or sensitive skin.

It Nourishes.

It is no surprise that such a nifty little plant would be so full of micronutrients, proteins, and fatty acids. These, combined with the added hydration from the extraction itself and the adaptogenic properties inherent in wild geranium, make this extract not just a beautifier, but also a health-promoter for all skin types. Use it to balance PH levels, nourish, and revitalize the skin for a healthy, radiant glow.

It Soothes.

Wild geranium extract possesses natural phytochemicals that, when applied topically, can actively prevent irritation of any kind. It has a powerful calming effect and can swiftly tone down redness and bumps, whether sporadic or recurrent, especially for those with sensitive skin.

It Balances.

Moisture levels in the skin are kept at healthy levels when wild geranium extract is applied. As it nourishes and moisturizes, it also manages the excretion of sebum, keeping excess oils at bay and ensuring that skin stays hydrated without becoming oily.

It Minimizes the Appearance of Wrinkles and other Signs of Aging.

Due to its astringent properties, wild geranium extract offers a tightening effect without drying or dangerously stretching the skin. Consequently, the application of wild geranium extract can result in a minimized appearance of large pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. And because of its ability to balance moisture levels in the skin, it promotes healthy hydration retention, making pesky crinkles and creases even less perceptible and helping to prevent the formation of new ones. Wild geranium extract is also said to naturally improve the look of dark spots or hyperpigmentation for a more even and smooth complexion.

How to Use

With all the amazing benefits wild geranium extract offers for the skin, you’ll be glad to know that incorporating it into your routine is super easy. With an impressive track record and tons of historical reference, it is no wonder why skincare companies are not shy about including it in their products and ingredient lists. Find it in toners, facial oils, you name it!

One of our favorite ways to apply wild geranium extract is in a moisturizer. One of the most critical steps of your routine, granting your skin proper moisture is a cornerstone of its success. Without effectively executing this sacred step, you could be setting your skin up for a host of issues, like dullness, excessive dryness, and even breakouts. But securing yourself a moisturizer that features wild geranium extract helps you avoid all of these. As a moisture regulator, the wild geranium extract assists in maintaining whatever hydration you do need while prohibiting an overproduction of oils to keep skin clarified and clear. By the power of wild geranium extract, Fleur & Bee’s Crème de la Cream does precisely this, is formulated for all skin types, and is bound to be your moisture-bearing BFF.

Other great ways of incorporating wild geranium extract into your skincare regimen is to use it as part of your antiaging efforts. Wild geranium can amp up the wrinkle minimizing power of your chosen formulas to encourage a more youthful appearance by temporarily tightening and toning the skin without being too harsh. This makes it great for those with sensitive mature skin and perfect for the more delicate areas of the face. Catch wild geranium extract in our Eyes Eyes Baby for a gentle, yet effective anti aging cream for your peepers!

Or you could always go the super simple route and blend some wild geranium extract with some witch hazel and water in a spray bottle for a super refreshing spritz. The possibilities are endless! So go wild… with wild geranium extract and see all that it can do for your skin!