What is the Best Facial Cleanser?

What is the Best Facial Cleanser?

Even if you are new to skincare, you’ve probably heard of facial cleansers. We are sure you have noticed that there are so many on the market from which to choose and way too little time to try them all. But not to worry- you don’t need to! We are breaking down all the facial cleanser basics – what they are, how to use, how to choose– and we’re even dishing on our favorite!


Main Takeaways: Way more than just “fancy soap”, a good facial cleanser is the foundation of a proper skincare routine and should not just cleanse, but also condition and protect your complexion.

Good to Know: When choosing a facial cleanser, the gentler the better. The skin on your face has a different pH level than the rest of your body, requiring different needs than what is offered by regular soap. Facial cleansers are formulated specifically to serve those needs.

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What is a Facial Cleanser?

Facial cleansers are specialized skincare products that, when properly formulated, will gently wash away all the things you don’t want on your face. But the key word here is “gently”; contrary to popular belief, a facial cleanser is not just fancy soap. Offering a host of benefits for your skin, facial cleansers are the foundation of any comprehensive skincare routine. They are specifically formulated to serve skin on your face, which has different needs than the skin on your hands and the rest of your body.

Facial Cleanser Benefits

They clarify.

Probably the most obvious benefit is their ability to cleanse skin of oils, dirt, dead skin cells, pollutants, and other nasties. This is important to keep your skin healthy, smooth, and blemish-free.

Facial cleansers help fight dryness.

Unlike regular soap, which can be way too harsh for your complexion, a properly formulated facial cleanser will actually put moisture back into your skin to help you fight dryness and dehydration for soft and healthy skin.

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They get you glowing.

Applying a facial cleanser as directed stimulates blood circulation, which can result in a radiant and youthful glow.

They help amplify the effects of your other skincare products.

When your skin has been properly cleansed, pores are open and clear, helping your other skincare products penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. And the deeper your products can get, the greater the effect they’ll have!

Best Ingredients in a Facial Cleanser

When on the prowl for a facial cleanser, always stick to gentle formulas; less is more as they say. Try to avoid physical abrasives like those made of fruit pits and the like; these can scratch the skin, creating microtears and ultimately leading to damage and premature aging. But do stick to products made with botanical ingredients that will nourish and nutrify your skin. Some of our favorites include:

Mild Astringents

Astringent is usually an ugly word, but when cleansing, you do need some ingredients that will actually remove dirt and purify your skin. Stick to mild astringents that help to gently dissolve impurities rather than stripping the skin. Our favorite is wild geranium – totally chill, never harsh, and from a super sweet flowering plant!


Humectants are most easily understood as moisture magnets that attract water molecules to the skin for sustained hydration. They are a key ingredient in any good cleanser, helping to protect from hydration loss brought on by cleansing. Some of our favorites include glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Aloe vera is also another humectant that can do double duty as a calming agent for sensitive skin.


If you have the future at all in mind, having a cleanser infused with antioxidants can really change your skin’s trajectory. Lather in the protection they afford to keep your skin strong and healthy not just today, but in the years ahead as well.

Natural Fragrance

We have included this because it is important to distinguish between types of fragrance. Synthetic fragrance can in some ways completely negate your cleansing ritual, opening the door to clogged pores and irritation. While it isn’t at all necessary, if your cleanser has a scent, make sure it comes from safe and mild botanicals.

How to Use a Facial Cleanser

1. Prime.

First, you may want to consider gently removing any makeup and/or sunscreen as best as you can. A non-comedogenic face oil works great for this (think argan or safflower). Massage the oil into skin and then rinse with lukewarm water or gently wipe everything away with a damp towel. Note that you can potentially skip this step if you opt for a facial cleanser that is formulated to remove makeup and other oil-based debris; but if your makeup tends to go on a bit heavy, preliminary removal is the way to go.

2. Cleanse.

To damp skin, apply a pump of your facial cleanser to your fingertips. Using gentle, circular movements, massage into skin for about 60 seconds, avoiding the eye area. Then rinse with lukewarm water and gently pat your skin dry with a soft and CLEAN cloth... You don’t want to put any nasties back onto your face with a less-than-fresh towel.

3. Follow up.

After a few seconds of letting the skin breathe, follow up with the rest of your routine. Be sure to include a solid moisturizer to help lock in hydration and condition your skin for a healthy glow.

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