How to Save Money on Your Skin Care Routine

How to Save Money on Your Skin Care Routine

Even if you’re just barely familiar with the difference between serum and toner, one thing you’re probably painfully aware of is how incredibly expensive skin care can be. If you’re not careful, even the basics can get expensive, and if you’re like most people, you’ve probably spent a shocking amount of money on skin care throughout your lifetime.

That’s why we’re dedicating this post to How to Save Money on Your Skin Care Routine! From DIY ideas to investing in a high-quality, affordable skin care line, to some practical suggestions, we think you’ll find quite a few tips in here that will help you keep your skin care spending down and your skin care game up!


Main Takeaways: From skin care DIYs to finding an affordable brand, there are plenty of things you can do to save money on your skin care routine without sacrificing quality.

Good to Know: All of Fleur & Bee’s natural, cruelty-free, and vegan products are under $40.

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Try a Few Skincare DIYs & Home Remedies

One of the best things about DIY skincare is that unless, for some bizarre reason, you decide to add a lot of fragrances and chemicals, DIY products can be totally natural. Since they won’t sit on a shelf for months, waiting to be sold, they’ll also be free of preservatives.

Here are a few really simple skincare DIY ideas that include ingredients you probably already have! Some of them are just one-ingredient-and-done ideas!

1. Raw Sugar Scrub

One of the easiest DIY skin care products you can make is a simple sugar scrub. Simply combine equal parts raw sugar and honey and you’re good to go! If you have sensitive or dry skin, substitute regular sugar for the raw sugar since that will be a little gentler. You can also use it as a body scrub or a lip scrubas well! If you want to jazz things up a bit, add in a few drops of an essential oil and try using different oils for different seasons, like orange for summer, peppermint for winter!

2. Coconut Oil Cleanser

Even if you don’t follow beauty trends, you probably know that coconut oil has been all the rage for a few years now. Whether used by itself or in combination with other ingredients, coconut oil is one of those skin care products that can do just about anything, depending on what you use it for.

One of coconut oil’s best features is its ability to take off make-up—yes, even eye make-up and yes, even waterproof eye make-up! Literally all you have to do is take a little dab, gently rub it around the eye area, and then gently remove the oil and the make-up with a soft tissue or washcloth. Once you get used to doing it, it’s actually a lot easier to control than a liquid eye make-up remover.

The one thing to remember is that as it is an oil, if you get any in your eyes, you’ll end up with a film over your eyes so just be careful when applying and taking it off.

You can do the exact same thing to clean the rest of your face—just apply and gently wipe off (make sure you don’t try to rinse it off as the water will bead and you’ll just end up having to wipe it off anyway). Although some say coconut oil is best warmed up first, the truth is that unless you’ve been storing it in a very, very cold fridge, the action of rubbing it into your skin will create enough friction to turn into something between a liquid and a solid.

To use it as a moisturizer, add a few drops of vitamin E. Although coconut oil already contains vitamin E, that extra boost will make it just that much more effective.

3. Use Rosehip Oil on Your Scalp!

Remember, your scalp is your skin, too, so take care of it with some extra moisture, especially in the winter months! One great way to take care of that itchy feeling is to apply a little rosehip oil to the scalp and leave it on for at least half an hour (it’s actually gentle enough to keep on all night if you want to do that, too).

4. Use castor oil to stimulate hair growth

OK, technically, this isn’t skin care, but who can’t use a good DIY beauty tip? Castor oil is known for promoting hair growth, not just if you put it on your scalp, but for your eyebrows as well! It may take a few weeks to see it, but if you’re patient, we think you’ll be pleased with the results.

Find an affordable, natural product that still has the same quality as higher-priced brands.

Anyone who’s ever shopped for skin care knows that the prices can leave you absolutely slack jawed with shock. At Fleur & Bee we made a commitment to provide excellent, effective, high-quality products all under $40 each!

And since they’re natural, you’re not paying for a bunch of chemicals you don’t need and probably don’t want. Not only that, but our skin care routine is simple — if you’re looking for a trendy, 92-step daily skin care routine, this isn’t it, but if you want an easy-to-follow, affordable program that still covers all the skin care bases and drastically improves the look of your skin, we think we’ve done a pretty good job!

We’ll go into detail about how to use them below, but just in case you’re not familiar with our line, here’s a run-down of our products:

1. So Clean! Natural Facial Cleanser - $18 - This purifying, smoothing cleanser will remove dirt and make-up without drying the skin!

2. Rose and Shine Rose Water Toner - $20 – Our gentle, alcohol-free, rose water toner will control excess oil and help minimize the look of pores.

3. Nectar of the C Vitamin C Serum - $36– This non-greasy serum will help brighten and even out skin tone while softening the appearance of fine lines.

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6. Prince Charcoal Natural Detox Mask - $25 – This incredible, lightweight mask draws out impurities like nobody’s business and has a calming, almost sweet smell to it.

At a total of $128 for the entire line, we offer a full $108 Deluxe Set (minus the mask) to keep prices down even more!

Most common questions

Do Your Research About Skin Care Ingredients

Chances are, if most people buying cosmetics did their research about ingredients before they hit the “add to cart” button, they wouldn’t buy half as much as they do. Many, many skin care products are laden with harsh chemicals and fragrances that are not only not good for your skin but actually potentially detrimental to your health. Ingredients like parabens, fragrances, and even lead can be found in skin care (well, not our skin care!), so be sure to check before you buy. We have a feeling if you do, you’ll be hitting “Remove from cart” quite a bit!

Find a Skincare Program That’s Right for YOUR Skin Type

There’s an old saying that says you could go broke buying bargains and that’s especially true when it comes to skin care. We see something in the clearance section of a discount store or get seduced by pretty packaging or just don’t bother to check the label and when we get home, we realize the bargain moisturizer we got is actually for oily skin (and ours is dry) or the toner we picked up is for someone with skin as tough as a rhino’s (while ours is as sensitive as a baby’s bottom) or shouldn’t be used by someone with breakouts (which we’re prone to).

A really, really good way to avoid this is find a skincare program that will work with your skin type. That’s why, when we developed our line of skincare, we decided to make our products compatible for all skin types so you’ll never get home and discover nothing you bought is right for your skin again! No matter what products you purchase of ours, they can be used with your skin type.

Give Yourself a Facial Every Now and Then

If you’ve ever gone for a facial you know that between the facial itself, the tip, the parking, and those add-ons they somehow talk you into, the experience can be an expensive prospect! Why not treat yourself to a home spa night?

For starters, treat yourself like you’re in a spa. Dim the lights, turn off the phone, and get out your favorite robe.

Start by cleansing your skin with a good cleanser that will take off both your make-up and whatever dirt is lurking on the surface (hint: our So Clean! Natural Facial Cleanser will do that!).

If you don’t have a facial steamer, put a pot of water on the stove until there’s some steam coming up. Making sure you don’t get too close to the steam (or that the water isn’t literally boiling). Put your head over the pot and put a towel over your head to make sure the steam doesn’t escape. Unless you have allergy issues, you can also add a few drops of a calming essential oil like eucalyptus.

Once you feel as if your skin is properly steamed, put our Prince Charcoal Natural Detox Mask on to draw out your skin’s impurities (the minute you put it on, you’ll know why we call it “Spa in a Box!”). Keep on for about 8-10 minutes. During this time, put on a little calming music and some cucumber slices on your eyes to temporarily reduce puffiness.

Gently remove the mask with a warm washcloth and then, to make sure you’re replenishing moisture, steam your face again for another minute or so. This would be a good time to take care of any very, very easy extractions (but remember to leave any stubborn ones for the experts as extractions can cause scarring if you don’t know what you’re doing).

Finish by applying our Crème de la Cream Natural Moisturizer and our Eyes Eyes Baby Natural Anti-Aging Eye Cream. If you have enough time, apply a thicker layer than normal and just relax as it absorbs into the skin.

While you’re at it, why not give your hands a little treatment, too? Moisturize your hands with a good, natural hand cream and then put on a pair of reusable moisturizing gloves (some even come with the moisturizer already in them!).

If you have a brand of under-eye patches you like, go ahead and put those on while you give yourself a little facial massage, making sure to pay special attention to areas that really hold tension like the temples and forehead. Put on a nice eye mask and just relax for as long as you can!

More Money Saving Tips

Purchase cosmetics with a specific need in mind

Somewhere between sales pitches, gift with purchase giveaways, and alluring packaging, it’s incredibly easy to purchase products that don’t really fill any need. If you approach choosing cosmetics from a standpoint of fulfilling a need—dry skin, breakouts, dark spots—you’ll find you’ll purchase a lot less!

Don’t be afraid to shop the drug store!

True beauty addicts know that there are some seriously high-quality products on the shelves of your local drug store that are easily on par with what you’d find at any beauty supply or department store. In fact, we’re proud to say that you can now find Fleur & Bee products at Rite Aid so check us out next time you’re there!

Resist impulse purchases

 You know those little bottles of serum or travel-size moisturizers stores keep near the registers? They’re there because the store knows you’re likely to just pick them up and add them to your purchase on impulse. The problem with that is that those cosmetics may—or may not—be right for your skin type. Also, adding a random skin care product into your routine is a little like adding a random plate into a set of matching dishes. Why interfere with a carefully planned, effective routine?

Buy the larger size

Once you find a skin care product that works for you, compare the larger size of it to the regular size. We think you’ll be shocked by how much more economical it is to buy the larger size of something.

Be consistent with your routine

They say it’s a lot easier to stay in shape than it is to get in shape and the same can definitely be said about skin care. Once you start a routine, stay with it to make sure your skin stays its absolute best because maintenance is a lot cheaper than repairs!

Sign up for discounts

Almost every cosmetics company these days offers some kind of discount if you sign up for their emails or use a promo code. Before investing in any cosmetics brand, see if they have that opportunity. Does Fleur & Bee have a discount? Well, check out our videos to find out!

So, those are a few ideas to save money on skin care! The bottom line is that once you find and commit to an affordable product line that’s right for your skin type, you’ll probably find yourself putting a lot less money towards your skin care!