How to Start a Skincare Routine

How to Start a Skincare Routine

Like drinking less coffee and getting more sleep, starting a skincare routine might be high on your list of lifestyle changes. If you’ve never really had a skincare routine before, it can be overwhelming to figure out what the best skincare routine is, including what to use, how to use it, how often to use it– the list goes on.

The truth is, the best skin care routine is the one you’ll follow. Even if you know nothing about skin care, a new regimen can be as simple as 1, 2, 3. Keep reading to learn how to begin a new skincare routine.


Main Takeaways: All you need to start a new and effective skin care routine is a handful of simple, effective products that are right for your particular skin type.

Good to Know: Staying consistent is one of the best ways to ensure your skincare products will work their best.

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How to Figure Out Skin Type

The very first thing you should do when starting a skincare routine is to figure out your skin type.

There’s a little more to figuring out your skin type than this, but generally speaking, if you have flakey, itchy skin that’s prone to ashiness, you probably have dry skin. If you shine like crazy in Zoom calls and photographs, you most likely have oily skin. Breakout at the drop of a hat? You’re most likely a sensitive skin type, and if your skin doesn’t really have any real issues at all, chances are, you’re a normal skin type. Once you’ve got that figured out, choose a skin care routine that’s right for your particular skin type. That means a lot more hydration for dry skin, finding balance for oily skin, and mild products for sensitive skin.

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Start With the Basics

We get it – there are a lot of skincare products out there, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. A good way to just get started is to concentrate on the basics.

Here’s the most basic skincare routine to get you going:

Cleanse Your Skin

Start with a cleanser like our So Clean! facial cleanser which cleanses your skin without drying or irritating it. This gentle cleanser will remove dirt and oil from your skin and balance out your skin’s natural oils.

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Moisturize Your Skin

Even if you have oily skin, it’s crucial that you keep your skin nice and hydrated throughout the year. Our Crème de la Cream brightening moisturizer delivers the perfect amount of moisture to the skin and brightens and evens skin tone. For those with dry or dehydrated skin, H2 Oh Yeah will give you skin the long-lasting hydration it needs, plumping skin for an immediate glow. And if you have mature skin, Youth Fairy uses the power of retinol and plant stem cells to smooth fine lines and even your skin tone.

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Treat the Skin Around Your Eyes

Don’t forget to also moisturize the delicate skin around your eyes with an eye cream. Our Eyes Eyes Baby anti-aging eye cream is perfect for reducing puffiness, bags, and even wrinkles.

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Use Sunscreen

There is no such thing as a good, productive skincare routine without sunscreen. A protective layer under your makeup will make an enormous difference in the way your skin looks 20 years from now.

Believe it or not, that’s all you need to get started. We put the first few steps together in our Starter Set, which includes cleanser, eye cream and moisturizer.

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However, you don’t have to stop there. Add products to your repertoire to target specific issues or step up your skincare game. Here are some other recommended steps to get you to that next level:

Use a Toner

A rosewater toner like Rose and Shine is a great way to add a little extra hydration to your skin.

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Use an Exfoliator

After cleansing, use an exfoliator to smooth away dead skin at the surface. It helps other products like moisturizers and serums absorb into the skin much more effectively. Exfoliating only needs to be done 1 to 3 times a week, depending on your skin type.

Use a Serum

Serums are a great way to target a specific issue. For example, our Nectar of the C vitamin C serum restores brightness to dull, lifeless skin to make the skin glow, and diminishes the look of dark spots and wrinkles. Our Just Dew It hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid is a great choice for those with thirsty skin. Smooth away fine lines and firm your skin with ‘A’ Game retinol serum. We recommend using a serum right after you tone and before you apply moisturizer.

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Supplement your skincare routine with a facial mask once in a while. There are different types of masks to choose from, so apply them based on your skin’s specific needs. Not surprisingly, we’re partial to our Prince Charcoal natural detox mask detox mask. It draws out impurities, leaving your skin feeling as smooth as silk.

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Apply a Lip Treatment

Yes, your lips count as skin and need treatment, too. They can become dry and chapped from dehydration or dry weather. We created One Lip Wonder to effectively hydrate and plump your lips; plus, it helps protect your lips from becoming chapped.

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Want to up your 3-step skincare routine to a full, 5-step routine? Look no further than our Deluxe Set, which includes a cleanser, toner, eye cream, vitamin C serum and moisturizer.

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Believe it or not, that’s really all you need to get started on a great skin care routine, in terms of product. That said, we also have a few little random tips on how to enhance these steps:

  • Invest in a complete skincare line - We’re not saying you can’t ever mix and match product lines; but usually, when you stick to one line in particular, your skin will likely improve faster, as those products are made to work together.
  • Stay consistent and stick with it - One of the best ways to make sure your products are working at their best is to use them consistently each day. It is best to complete your skincare routine both morning and evening. Allow at least a month to see visible results from most products.
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    • Make sure you’re applying products correctly - If you find your skin care products just aren’t working the way you’d like them to, it might be because you’re not using them correctly. After all, even the most gentle product can irritate skin if you use it with a rough sponge! Read the packaging and watch videos to learn how best to use your products.
    • Give yourself a weekly spa day as a reward - Remember that mask we mentioned? Why not use that as the starting point for a fabulous spa day as a reward for sticking to your routine (or just anything, really?). It’ll give you a reason to keep up the consistency.

    These tips should help jumpstart you on an easy skin care routine that you can use for years to come. Here’s to happier, healthier skin!