How Do Face Wrinkles Happen, Tips to Visibly Reduce

How Do Face Wrinkles Happen, Tips to Visibly Reduce

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably looked in the mirror at some point and thought, “Where did these lines come from?!”. But don’t worry, wrinkles are simply a sign of life experience and a life well-lived. They’re as beautiful as they are natural.

Although it happens little by little, any number of factors can cause face wrinkles which is why in this blog post, we’ll talk about how face wrinkles happen and discuss some tips to visibly reduce them.


Main Takeaways: Genetics, age, skin type, and sun exposure all play a role in causing wrinkles. Luckily, with the right routine you can help to minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Good to Know: If you have dry skin, you’re more likely to develop wrinkles.

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How Do Face Wrinkles Happen?

Face wrinkles happen for all kinds of reasons from sun exposure to heredity to a few too many nights out. Here, we discuss a number of ways those sneaky little lines come to be:

  1. Sun exposure - We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the sun is not your friend. Nothing will cause wrinkles faster than a lot of sun exposure, especially if you have light or delicate skin (but to be clear, the sun can cause wrinkles and spots on anyone’s skin, no matter what color or type). Even if you don’t see it now, a bad burn can show up as wrinkles or spots much, much later in life, so think twice before you soak up those rays.
  2. Dehydration - Hydration is an enormous part of what helps plumps and soften the skin. When you let your skin--or even your body--become dehydrated, your skin loses that plump, healthy look and is much more likely to develop fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. Environment - People who live in dry climates or places where the altitude is high can attest that environment can really contribute to face wrinkles. Between the strong sun and arid air, moisture just doesn’t get to the skin as easily. The same goes for living in a place with a lot of pollution as pollution can damage the skin, also causing wrinkles.
  4. Lifestyle/stress - We all like to have a good time but if you make a habit of partying a little too much, getting too little sleep, or just generally neglecting your health, you may notice an increase in wrinkles. That could be because an unhealthy lifestyle eventually begins to show on the face. And remember, just as playing a bit too much can cause wrinkles, so can working too much. Stress, of any kind, can easily cause wrinkles. They call them “worry lines” for a reason!
  5. Genetics - Like anything that involves heredity, the truth is, you just never know, but outside factors aside, genetics play a big part in whether or not you can expect to get a lot of wrinkles.
  6. Age - As with genetics, there’s nothing we can do about this one. The more trips we make around the sun, the more likely we are to develop a few lines here and there.
  7. Smoking - Aside from being incredibly detrimental to your health overall, smoking harms your skin by breaking down the collagen and elastin in your skin. It’s a habit that all but ensures premature aging.
  8. Diet - Unless you’re one of those rare genetic unicorns who just seem to be able to eat anything and look like you have a personal nutritionist, if you eat junk and nothing but junk, it’s going to show. A diet high in sugar, trans fats, and carbs can cause damage to skin’s collagen, which, in turn, leads to more wrinkles.
  9. Skin type - We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but chances are, if your skin is on the dry side, you’re probably more likely to develop wrinkles and fine lines.
  10. Wrong skin care products - Although using the wrong skin care products may not necessarily cause face wrinkles, they won’t help visibly reduce them. For example, someone with dry skin using products meant for oily skin might find their skin getting dried out which will cause those wrinkles to be much more visible.

Tips To Visibly Reduce Face Wrinkles

Although we clearly have no control over some factors that cause face wrinkles, we can be proactive about others. Here are some simple, easy tips to visibly reduce face wrinkles:

  1. Drink water - Your recommended daily water intake is eight, eight-ounce glasses of water each day and while we know that can be difficult, it still remains one of the best ways to keep your skin hydrated and keep your wrinkles from becoming visible.
  2. Stop smoking - As we said above, almost nothing will dry out your skin and encourage face wrinkles like smoking. Stop the habit and your skin should see the results.
  3. Use eye cream (and wear sunglasses) - The skin around the eyes produces very little oil, making it even more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Make sure to protect it with a good anti-aging eye cream like our Eyes Eyes Baby natural anti-aging eye cream that not only moisturizes and hydrates the eye area but softens the appearance of wrinkles. And definitely wear sunglasses with good UV protection!
  4. Sunscreen - One great way to help visibly reduce face wrinkles is to protect your skin from the sun with a good sunscreen. Make sure you use at least SPF 30 sunscreen, that you reapply every few hours, and that it’s less than three years old (any older and the active ingredients may not work as effectively).
  5. Hydrate your skin - It’s great to hydrate your skin from the inside by drinking water but a good moisturizer like our Crème de la Cream will really help visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles by locking in moisture as well as adding it. You can also use a hydrating toner like our Rose and Shine rosewater toner, and remember to use a gentle cleanser that won’t dry out skin like our So Clean! natural facial cleanser!
  6. Use serum - For an extra boost of moisture, don’t forget to drop a couple of drops of our Nectar of the C Vitamin C Serum. It’s full of vitamin E which is known for its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and aloe vera which forms a thin, protective layer to lock in moisture.
  7. Exfoliate - Not only does exfoliation allow new skin to shine through, it gets rid of dirt and oil that make wrinkles look more pronounced. It also helps moisturizer go deeper into the skin which is really what helps visibly reduce face wrinkles. Our Prince Charcoal natural detox mask is an easy, gentle way to exfoliate the skin without drying it out!
  8. Clean up your diet - There’s no better skin care than the kind Mother Nature can provide so take advantage of it and fill your diet with antioxidant-rich foods like berries and dark leafy greens. And by diet, we don’t just mean what’s on your plate! Try to wean off those sugary drinks and ones with dehydrating caffeine.
  9. Meditate - Research has shown that stress can cause the body’s cortisol levels to go up which, in turn, causes collagen to break down. Just taking half an hour or even a few minutes each day to reset mentally can help bring down stress levels so try finding a quiet corner on your lunch hour or a few minutes each morning to calm your anxiety.

We hope this sheds a little light on how face wrinkles happen and how you can keep them at bay. With just a few easy lifestyle changes and a little extra attention to your skin, you can keep it smooth and young looking!