Best Face Moisturizers with Aloe Vera

Best Face Moisturizers with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an ancient plant with about a gazillion skin benefits. Besides being a go-to sunburn reliever, it is also one of nature’s greatest hydrators and an unbeatable ingredient in quality moisturizers.

With so many products out there, it can be difficult to know which products containing aloe vera are actually effective. We’ve created this guide to help you determine which face moisturizer with aloe vera is best for you.


Main Takeaways: Aloe is a humectant that attracts water molecules to the skin, helping to keep it hydrated and youthful. Consequently, it is a highly popular and effective ingredient in quality moisturizers.

Good to Know: Aloe vera is accessible in a number of forms; but to reap its full benefits, you should avoid the neon gels you can find at most drugstores. Instead opt for either pure unadulterated aloe vera gel, or aloe that has been masterfully blended into quality skincare formulas. Read on for some of our favorites.

Recommended Products: Crème de la Cream Brightening Moisturizer, Youth Fairy Retinol Moisturizer, H2 Oh Yeah Hydrating Moisturizer, and Eyes Eyes Baby Anti-Aging Eye Cream.


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What is Aloe Vera?

Aloe, more fully known as aloe vera (botanically named aloe barbadensis), is an ancient, desert-dwelling, drought tolerant plant that likely originated somewhere in the Arabian peninsula. It now propagates in the super-hot, dry, and subtropical climates of the world, especially in southeastern North America (e.g., Arizona, California, Texas, Mexico, etc.).

Aloe vera is a green spiky, cactus-like plant that, when its stalks are split open, dispenses clear gel-like meat and juice. This substance has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments, many of which are skin related. It offers many benefits when used in skincare.

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Aloe Vera Skin Benefits

1. It soothes and heals.

What makes aloe vera the perfect answer to excessive sun exposure is its super-soothing properties. By increasing collagen synthesis, aloe helps to accelerate burn and wound healing and reduce scar tissue. It is also an effective anti-inflammatory, using antioxidant power to help relieve pain and promote healing, making it ideal for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

2. It hydrates.

Aloe vera is a natural humectant, magnetizing water molecules in the air and environment and drawing them to your skin. This makes it a prime addition to moisturizers, as it helps to provide all day hydration for soft and healthy skin.

3. It’s great for breakout-prone skin.

With an ability to suppress the kinds of bacteria that contribute to acne, aloe is wonderful for breakout-prone skin. The compounds in aloe vera also act as a gentle exfoliant, helping to dispel dead skin cells that could otherwise clog pores and cause blemishes.

4. Aloe vera can minimize the look of dark spots.

Aloe contains compounds that not only curtail the overproduction of melanin cells (or cells that pigment the skin, often unevenly as we age), but that also block their formation altogether. This can help to minimize the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

5. It can press the pause button on visible signs of aging.

Because of its antioxidant power and generous concentration of vitamins C and E, aloe helps to defend against the effects of environmental stressors that can tax the skin and bring about fine lines and wrinkles.

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Aloe Vera in Skincare

With all its amazing skin benefits, it is no wonder that aloe vera is a popular ingredient in quality skincare. It makes a great addition to cleansers for its ability to act as a mild exfoliant. As a super-efficient hydration station, it makes a seamless addition to any serum– see for yourself in our hydrating serum, Just Dew It.

Aloe is definitely a mindful choice for specialty treatments and masks, including detox masks that can be harsh on skin if not supported by additional soothing and nourishing ingredients.

The possibilities are endless. But if there is one skincare category where aloe vera truly shines, it has to be in the moisturizer department. Check out some of our faves featuring aloe below.

Best Aloe Vera Moisturizers

1. Best Overall Aloe Vera Moisturizer

Crème de la Cream Brightening Moisturizer

When you are looking for a one size fits all moisturizer, look no further than Fleur & Bee’s Crème de la Cream. This vitamin-rich botanical cream features aloe vera leaf juice as a base ingredient, delivering intense hydration and sealing it in with skin nourishing moisturizers like jojoba oil and olive oil derived squalane. Restore your skin’s vibrancy while brightening your skin with a healthy dose of vitamin C and protect against environmental stressors with the antioxidant power of green tea.

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2. Best Anti-Aging Aloe Vera Moisturizer

Youth Fairy Retinol Moisturizer

Our retinol moisturizer will have you looking fresh as a daisy at every age. Hydrate and revive your skin with this ultra-gentle vegan retinol cream enriched with soothing aloe to ensure a nonirritating application, even for first time retinol users. Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots with this luxuriously rich cream for soft velvety skin that will have you feeling nothing short of enchanted!

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3. Best Aloe Vera Moisturizer for Intense Moisture

H2 Oh Yeah Hydrating Moisturizer

For the thirstiest skin, reach for the hyper-hydrating H2 Oh Yeah. This silky, antioxidant-rich moisturizer deeply nourishes your dry skin with a thoughtful blend of humectants, emollients, and occlusives to ensure moisture at every turn. Featuring skin-loving aloe vera, H2 Oh Yeah, not only hydrates to the extreme, but it also minimizes the redness and irritation that often come with dry skin.

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4. Best Aloe Vera Moisturizer for Eyes

Eyes Eyes Baby Anti-Aging Eye Cream

When people think about moisturizers, they don’t always consider eye cream. However, caring for the delicate skin around your eyes, you’ll need a dedicated product that is formulated specifically for the eye area. Fleur & Bee’s Eyes Eyes Baby is a true powerhouse, helping to dispel puffiness, dark circles, and even fine lines and wrinkles. This best seller and cult fave eye cream combines the anti-aging power of caffeine and peptides with potent antioxidants like green tea, dandelion, and the super soothing, hyper hydrating, miracle maker (you guessed it) aloe vera!

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Again, all skin types will benefit from this amazing plant, so look out for it in your skincare product labels. As you can see, we love aloe vera as a skincare ingredient so much, we’ve included it in all our facial moisturizers. We have more than one great moisturizer option that will easily allow you to incorporate aloe vera into your daily regimen, no matter what your skincare goals.