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Best Vegan Skin Care Products

Best Vegan Skin Care Products

As the largest organ of the human body, our skin is our protector — one that takes on everything the world throws at us. That includes the products we slather over ourselves. And when we use cosmetics filled with harmful chemicals, toxins, and harsh ingredients, imagine how that adds up over a lifetime. Then add that to things like germs, pollution, sweat, and everything else we come into contact with. Yeesh!

It makes sense, then, that the healthier your beauty cabinet, the better it is for your skin. Often, that means going vegan! Vegan skincare products don't contain animal ingredients or byproducts, which aside from being harmful to our furry and scaly friends, can be harsh and clog pores. Plant-derived, natural skincare products can offer environmentally-friendly alternatives packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that soothe, hydrate, and repair skin.

Just like cleaning up your diet, making healthy beauty choices can have lasting positive effects. But where to start? We've rounded up a few of the best vegan skincare products below alongside some helpful pointers. Bon appétit!


Main Takeaways: Plant-derived, natural skincare products can offer environmentally-friendly alternatives packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that soothe, hydrate, and repair skin, and we’ve rounded up our favorites.

Good to Know: Vegan skin care products do not contain any animal ingredients or by products.

Recommended Products: So Clean! Cleanser, Nectar of the C Vitamin C Serum, Eyes Eyes Baby Eye Cream, and Crème de la Cream Moisturizer.


Looking for a vegan skincare routine? We've got you covered.

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Best Vegan Moisturizers

Fleur & Bee Creme de la Cream moisturizer

Call us biased, but our Fleur & Bee Crème de la Cream is a natural moisturizer that delivers heaps of beneficial goodies to balance and hydrate skin without leaving behind a greasy feel. It's silky smooth with a neutral scent, perfect for going under makeup as you face the day!

Fourth Ray's face and body milks

Milk does the body good — especially when it's vegan! And Fourth Ray's face and body milks are no exception. These lightweight moisturizers replenish skin with everything from antioxidant-rich avocado to softening marshmallow root. All with vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free formulas.

Yesto Watermelon Daily Hand Cream

And if you've been overlooking your hardworking hands, we like Yesto's Watermelon Daily Hand Cream. Emollient-rich and velvety, this lightly hydrating lotion is perfect for resuscitating dry hands and cuticles without any stickiness. The best part? It's made with 95% natural ingredients.

Best Vegan Hair & Scalp Products

Curlsmith Curl Transitioning Kit

For the curly, wavy, and coily-haired folks out there, Curlsmith is a gourmet haircare brand with deeply nourishing curl-loving formulas. They use clean ingredients, have a transparent supply chain, and are certified by The Vegan Society and PETA. We love their Curl Transitioning Kit for getting curly hair back to its glorious original state.

Briogeo Banana + Coconut Nourishing Superfood Shampoo

Then, there's Briogeo. They're diverse, transparent, and mostly vegan champions of clean, hydrating products. Their fully vegan Banana + Coconut Nourishing Superfood Shampoo is a nutrient-rich, smoothie-inspired shampoo for all hair types that's packed with antioxidant-rich fruits to support healthy strands.

Best Vegan Serums & Oils

Fleur & Bee Nectar of the C Vitamin C serum

For more vitamin C goodness, our own Nectar of the C serum is packed with 15% Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a form of vitamin C that is stable and less likely to irritate. That means even sensitive skin types can benefit from this potent, yet gentle, brightening serum. Get ready to glow!

Pacifica Sea & C Sheer Face Serum SPF 55

Sunscreen is arguably one of the most important things you can use to preserve your skin, and gone are the days of sticky, stinky creams. Pacifica's Sea & C Sheer Face Serum SPF 55 is a concentrated serum that brightens and protects with vitamin C and marine plant extracts. It has a subtle citrus scent and comes packaged in a glass bottle and FSC-certified paper box.

Nourish Organic replenishing beauty oil

If you're looking for hardcore hydration, Nourish Organic has a replenishing beauty oil that delivers an abundance of skin-loving essentials from head to toe. It's lightweight and silky, naturally unscented, and comes from a women-owned company that donates 1% of its profits to environmental initiatives.

Best Vegan Products for Eyes & Lips

Fleur & Bee Eyes Eyes Baby eye cream

For those who appreciate just how crucial a good eye cream can be, Fleur & Bee's Eyes Eyes Baby is a multitasking anti-aging cream that softens the appearance of wrinkles, reduces the look of dark, puffy eyes, and hydrates. All with sustainably sourced and manufactured ingredients lovingly wrapped in recyclable packaging.

Sukin Paw Paw Ointment

For chapped, moisture-starved lips, Sukin offers Paw Paw Ointment, a petrochemical-free blend of natural oils and extracts. You can also use it elsewhere on your face and dry hands! This carbon-neutral salve hails from Australia and a little goes a long way.

Best Vegan Cleansers

Fleur & Bee So Clean! cleanser

For a reliable everyday cleanser, Fleur & Bee's So Clean! Natural Facial Cleanser removes dirt and makeup and cleans without giving your face that uncomfortable tight feeling. Did we mention it balances your skin's natural oils, promotes smoother skin, and is free of over 1,300 harmful toxins?

Bulldog Original Face Scrub

Men often get left out of the skincare conversation, and Bulldog seeks to bridge that gap. Their Original Face Scrub is gentle but powerful, with aloe vera, camelina oil, and green tea. It removes dead skin and leaves the face feeling smooth and deeply cleansed. Their products are Vegetarian Society approved and use plastic packaging that's partially sourced from sugarcane.

e.l.f. Holy Hydration! Cleansing Balm

To round things out, we have a vegan makeup remover. Known for their affordable vegan products, e.l.f.'s Holy Hydration! Cleansing Balm melts into a luxurious oil to remove makeup without stripping the skin. It delivers hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and peptides for a silky smooth feel and intense hydration. All e.l.f. products are vegan and cruelty-free and the company regularly makes donations to social justice, environmental, and animal initiatives. As a brand that believes in giving back to charity, that's something we can get behind!

Good Enough to Eat

We hope this round-up will get you well on your way to becoming a vegan skincare aficionado. We know selecting skincare products that are good for you, the planet, and kind to animals isn't always easy. Just remember to take a breath and don't be afraid to spend a little time reading and researching.

And when in doubt, Fleur & Bee will always have your back with all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare products that are sourced, made, and packaged sustainably! Now excuse us while we go hug all the animals.