4 Best Toners for Dry Skin

4 Best Toners for Dry Skin

Is your skincare routine leaving you high and dry? If so, there’s no doubt that you could use some extra hydration and moisture – heck, couldn’t we all!? But you might be surprised to learn that while the right moisturizer is essential for satisfying many of your dry skin’s needs, it doesn’t need to bear the brunt alone. Further, one of skincare’s most unsung heroes may just be the antidote to your thirsty complexion. Toners, which are often viewed simply as addendums to cleansing products, can offer an array of benefits for your skin. And if you are prone to dryness, the right toner can be like an oasis for your skin. Read on to learn more about these liquid marvels and how to find one that is perfect for your dry skin.


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What to Look for in a Toner if You Have Dry Skin

The right toner can be a godsend for dry skin, but what exactly makes a toner “right” for you?

Well, for starters, it all really does depend on your skin type. There are all kinds of toners out there – anti-aging toners, clarifying toners, balancing toners, calming toners, you name it! Knowing your skin’s type and what it needs to thrive really is half the battle in the quest for the right toner. When your skin is on the drier side, there are some things you are going to want to look for that will not only help make your purchase worthwhile, but that will– more importantly – nourish your skin with what it craves for a healthier, more hydrated complexion. Here are the heavy hitters:


If there is a primary requisite for a dry skin appropriate toner, let it be alcohol free! Old school toners often feature alcohol as a primary ingredient, stripping complexions left right and center and exacerbating dryness without warning. What’s worse is that many of these so-called “toners” have been seemingly grandfathered into the game and undoubtedly still hold court on a skincare shelf near you. Check the label thrice to ensure alcohols, specifically simple alcohols (e.g., things like SD alcohol 40, denatured alcohol, ethanol, and isopropyl alcohol) are nowhere in sight.


At Fleur and Bee, we are very much of the “there’s a plant for that” mindset. If we had to name a botanical that seamlessly blends the toner-befitting benefits of added moisture and calming properties, we’d have to go with rose. Perfect for dry and even irritated skin (which can often be a sidecar to dryness), rose is often found in toners formulated for dry skin due to its high antioxidant and vitamin content. These help skin absorb and retain moisture by reinforcing the skin barrier and restoring balance. Look for rose-based ingredients like rosewater, rose essential oil, or rose hydrosol to select a toner powered by these hydro-boosting blooms.

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Natural Fragrance or Fragrance-Free

Fragrance is fine - if it’s the right kind. Synthetic fragrances can be super drying for the skin and negate all the hydration and moisture you are serving it elsewhere. If the fragrance in your skincare products are not naturally derived from trusted botanicals, ditch it all together and opt for fragrance-free.


A moisture magnet for the skin, glycerin increases hydration while refreshing and softening to relieve dryness and its associated effects. Toners that include glycerin will offer your skin sustained, humectant-based hydration, proving it especially beneficial for those with dry skin.

1. Best Overall Toner for Dry Skin

Fleur & Bee: Rose and Shine Rose Water Toner

OK- we’ll level with you; we absolutely do think this is the best overall toner for dry skin. But we also think it’s just the best toner, period! With just five clean ingredients, we dare you to find a simpler formula. And as far as dryness is concerned, with no alcohol or artificial fragrances, and made with a combo of rose hydrosol and glycerin, Rose and Shine literally checks every box. Plus, it is perfectly packaged in a convenient spray bottle for on-the-go midday refreshes, as well as quick morning and night routine applications. And you can’t beat its freshly-picked rose scent. Drench your skin in its hydration sustaining flower power and shine on!

2. Best Toner for Dry Sensitive Skin

Paula’s Choice: Skin Recovery Enriching Calming Toner

If your dry skin experiences sensitivities, The Skin Recovery Enriching Calming Toner by Paula’s Choice offers soothing moisture in a gentle milky formula to relieve redness and irritation. Plus, it is fortified with antioxidants to further protect your skin against environmental stressors and elements that exacerbate your sensitivities. Apply morning and night to enrich your skin with an oasis of hyaluronic acid, vitamins C, E, and B3, and evening primrose oil for long lasting hydration and rest easy; this formula is so gentle, it can be used on even the most aggravated eczema and rosacea-prone skin.

3. Best Toner for Dry Mature Skin

DERMA E: Radiance Toner

Want a toner that will uplift your mature skin without exacerbating dryness? Derma E’s Radiance Toner is enriched with glycolic acid to gently exfoliate without stripping the skin to reveal a brighter, tighter complexion. Infused with rooibos-derived antioxidants, this gentle toner helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while the fatty acids and vitamin A in added rosehip oil moisturize the skin and promote regeneration for soft, flexible, youthful looking skin that’s never dry. Revive, detox, and hydrate with this all-in-one toner perfect for your dry mature skin.

4. Best Drugstore Toner for Dry Skin

THAYERS: Witch Hazel Facial Toner

When you are in a pinch and have nothing more than a drugstore at your disposal, it is comforting to know that you’re not without paddles to steer your up-creek toner quest. Enter Thayers Facial Toner. This brand is tried and true, having been around for well over a hundred years. Their toner, powered by alcohol-free witch hazel, cleanses and hydrates skin with 98% natural ingredients and comes in a range of botanical-infused formulas, so you can decide which one appeals to you. Take your pick from lavender, rose, cucumber, and even coconut water for a hydration boost that is perfect for all skin types. Best of all, Thayers Toner can be found pretty much anywhere and is super affordable.

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If your dry skin could use some hydration support, or if you are simply turnt to tone, reach for one of these babies and say goodbye to dry!

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