Best Skincare Books to Read

Best Skincare Books to Read

For some, reading the ingredients on the back of a skincare product is all the reading they want to do on the subject. But for those of us who are really, really into skincare, our idea of a great night in is a nice face mask, a glass of wine, and a big stack of beauty books! From books that explain the science behind skincare, to ones that show you how to give yourself a little lip plump without fillers, these skincare books are some of our favorites.


Main Takeaways: There are probably as many skincare books and beauty books out there as there are skincare products. We’ve selected a great cross-section of books that cover just about every aspect of skincare.

Good to Know: Skincare books run the gamut from showing you how to make your own skincare to books that do a deep dive into the science of skincare.

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Best Skincare Books to Read

We’ve combed the bookshelves to find the best skincare books to read that stick with the principles of Fleur & Bee! No matter what kind of interest you have in skincare, there’s sure to be something here for you.

1. Clean: The New Science of Skin by James Hamblin

Named a “Best Book” of 2020 by NPR and “Vanity Fair'', as well as one of the Smithsonian's Ten Best Science Books of 2020, this tome explores the importance and role of skin hygiene and cleanliness as well as what the term “clean” really means in terms of skincare. Written by a doctor who happens to be a journalist, it’s assiduously researched and includes opinions from dermatologists, allergists, estheticians, and just about everyone else who’s an authority on clean skin. If you’re really into the science of how we keep our skin clean and even the history of clean skin, this one’s for you.

Clean The New Science of Skin

2. Plant-Based Beauty by Jess Arnaudin

If you’re like a lot of people, you might be interested in clearing out your beauty routine to include healthier, more animal-friendly, less toxic ingredients and products. If so, this book might be just the ticket. Written by a holistic aesthetician, it addresses, among other things, what plant-based beauty actually entails (she even addresses the myths of plant-based beauty), exercises for clearing your mind, and even some recipes that will help restore glow to your skin.

Plant-Based Beauty

3. The Beauty Geek's Guide to Skin Care: 1,000 Essential Definitions of Common Product Ingredients by Deborah Burnes

If you’re like us and you really enjoy the specifics skincare, this book is a must! A treasure trove of skincare ingredient definitions, this book gives you insight into just about every skincare ingredient you can imagine. It outlines different skincare issues and gives you a few DIY ideas. Keep in mind that in the interest of staying comprehensive, this book outlines some ingredients we, at Fleur & Bee wouldn’t necessarily use; but as it’s always good to be informed, we’re including it in our list.

The Beauty Geek's Guide to Skin Care

4. The Skincare Bible: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Great Skin by Anjali Mahto

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, you’ve probably noticed that we try to explain the way skin–not just skincare–works. Of course, we only give a nutshell version of things but if you’re interested in the details, this book will really lay it out for you. Written by a London-based dermatologist who specializes in cosmetic dermatology, it will give you a solid, comprehensive view of the way skin itself works.

The Skincare Bible Your No-Nonsense Guide to Great Skin

5. Black Skin: The Definitive Skincare Guide by Dija Ayodele

A well-respected esthetician and “skin health expert,” the author of this book is the founder of London-based clinic West Room Aesthetics, “a boutique skin health destination specialising in skin of colour.” Not only is Ayodele an esthetician and author, she is also a respected educator on the subjects of skincare and diversity. In this book, she not only discusses how to take care of Black skin, she also addresses many of the beauty myths about it.Black Skin The Definitive Skincare Guide

6. Face Fitness: Simple Exercises and Rituals for Toned, Glowing Skin by Patricia San Pedro

As you probably know, we’re big fans of facial exercises and facial tools which is why we’re so into this book. With 50 exercises to tone, sculpt, and strengthen your skin, this book will really show you how to improve the look of your skin by supplementing your skincare routine with exercises. Complete with easy-to-follow diagrams, this book shows you how to use your own hands and tools like gua sha and facial rollers to help your skin. From a “lip plump” to a “cheek squeeze,” it covers pretty much everything. It also contains massage techniques and even affirmations to help your soul as well as your skin.

Face Fitness Simple Exercises and Rituals for Toned, Glowing Skin

7. Cosmetic Formulation edited by Heather A.E. Benson, Michael S. Roberts, Vania Rodrigues Leite-Silva, and Kenneth Walters

If you’re the type who reads every ingredient on the box, buys empty bottles so you can make your own cosmetics, and just likes to be aware of what you’re putting on and in your body, this book is for you! Covering the nitty-gritty science behind cosmetics, it explains exactly what goes into beauty products and in what proportions, even covering the psychology of skincare like how colors affect emotions.

Cosmetic Formulation

8. An Atlas of Natural Beauty: Botanical Ingredients for Retaining and Enhancing Beauty by Victoire de Taillac and Ramdane Touhami

From lavender to green tea to sunflower oil and many, many others, we are big, big fans of using botanicals which is just part of why we’re absolutely crazy about this book. From the creators of Buly 1803, a line of skincare, hair, and perfume products known, in part for its beautiful packaging and its commitment to using natural ingredients, this stunner of a book could happily sit on your coffee table. If you’re really into natural beauty or just an aesthete, this book is definitely for you!

An Atlas of Natural Beauty Botanical Ingredients for Retaining and Enhancing Beauty

9. Skin Healing Expert: Your 5 pillar plan for calm, clear skin by Hanna Sillitoe

It takes one to know one and part of what we love about this book is that this author speaks from experience. Having had skin issues herself, she writes from a place of first-hand knowledge and addresses the issue of skincare from five different angles: diet, mind, exercise, sleep, and skincare. To make it really easy for you, she’s included a “Make a Plan” section of the book where you can outline what steps you plan to take to improve your skin. Given all she covers, we have a feeling your skin won’t be the only thing that improves.

Skin Healing Expert: Your 5 pillar plan for calm, clear skin

10. The Skinny Confidential's Get the F*ck Out of the Sun: Routines, Products, Tips, and Insider Secrets from 100+ of the World's Best Skincare Gurus by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick

Sometimes, it’s good to just have someone give it to you straight, and that’s what this book is. A compilation of skincare tips and tricks from skincare gurus, celebrities, and influencers, it’s a fun, funny, and useful book of mostly short, digestible tips to help your skin look its best. Written by blogger Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential, this is a great book if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to learning about skincare and just want quick, easy advice. Best of all, it encourages you to stay out of the sun which is one of the best skin care tips you could ever ask for.

The Skinny Confidential's Get the F*ck Out of the Sun

Whether these books inspire you to change your skincare routine or even your life, we hope you find them as fascinating as we do. They’re great reminders of just how much thought and science goes into skincare to help make you look your best!

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