Bentonite Clay for Skin: Benefits, How to Use

Bentonite Clay for Skin: Benefits, How to Use

 Using mud and clay as a beauty treatment goes back centuries. The ancient Egyptians had a well-documented skincare regimen that included using clay and oil to cleanse and beautify their skin. If it’s good enough for renowned beauty Cleopatra, surely using clay for your skin is something to consider adding to your skincare routine.


Main Takeaways: Bentonite clay is a remarkably versatile skincare ingredient that does everything from exfoliate the skin to soothe it.

Good to Know: Although bentonite clay is often thought to be best for oily skin due to its exfoliating abilities, it’s actually highly beneficial for all skin types.

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What Is Bentonite Clay?

If you’ve never heard of bentonite clay, your skin care game is about to change. Like so many of the best skin care ingredients available, bentonite clay comes right from nature – specifically, from a town called Fort Benton in Wyoming. It’s actually derived from the decomposition of volcanic ash and is used in cosmetics as well as skin care products. Containing calcium, iron, and magnesium, bentonite clay for skin is well known for its incredible ability to multitask.

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Bentonite Clay Benefits for Skin

Bentonite clay is one of those remarkable ingredients that boasts an amazing number of benefits. From detoxifying your skin to smoothing it, here are 10 bentonite clay skin benefits:

1. Bentonite clay draws out impurities - It seems almost like science fiction, but when bentonite clay is mixed with liquid, it’s almost as if it becomes a magnet that pulls impurities from the skin. By pulling out those impurities, dirt, and oil, it works to deeply cleanse your skin.

2. Bentonite clay pulls toxins out of the skin - It’s a bit horrifying to think about, but we expose ourselves to some pretty nasty environmental toxins every time we leave the house. Those toxins can wreak havoc on our skin–from causing irritation to premature aging. Bentonite clay draws out those toxins from our skin almost like a sponge.

3. Bentonite clay reduces the appearance of pores - Nothing will make pores look bigger than when they’re filled with dirt and oil. The thorough cleaning that bentonite clay gives the skin will help reduce the appearance of pores, large and small.

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4. Bentonite clay helps control oil - Bentonite clay has what is called adsorbent properties, which means it can absorb other substances. This makes it fantastic for those with oily skin, because it can absorb excessive oil on the skin.

5. Bentonite clay exfoliates - Composed of very small granules, the texture of bentonite clay helps to slough off old, dead skin, exfoliating it so that new skin can show through.

6. Bentonite clay is great for dull skins - Part of what makes skin look dull is that old, dead skin is sitting on the surface. By helping to reveal new, healthy skin, you help make skin look glowy and healthy. If you have dull skin, bentonite clay should be on your list of must-try ingredients.

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7. Bentonite clay is great for dry skin - We know it seems counterintuitive that an ingredient–especially an exfoliant–would be beneficial to both oily and dry skins, but thanks to bentonite clay’s gentle nature, it can easily be used by those with dry skin. When your skin is properly exfoliated, other products – including your moisturizers and serums– will be more effective.

8. Bentonite clay creates the appearance of a brighter, smoother complexion - If you have skin that doesn’t always look its best, possibly because of clogged pores or other reasons, bentonite clay can help. As always, when it comes to skin that sometimes acts up, it’s a good idea to check with your dermatologist before starting any new product or ingredient, so ask them about bentonite clay before you start using it.

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    How to Use Bentonite Clay

    Incorporating bentonite clay into your skin care routine is actually pretty easy. Here’s how!

    Cleanse Your Skin

    Start by cleansing your skins with a gentle, non-drying cleanser. Our So Clean! facial cleanser not only cleans the skin, it even takes off light makeup and helps remove excess oil.

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    Tone Your Skin

    Toning the skin is one of the easiest steps you can take to take care of your skin, yet it’s one many people skip. With a hydrating toner like our Rose and Shine rosewater toner, all you need is a spritz or two. Made with rose water and glycerin, it will leave skin feeling refreshed.

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    Use a Detox Mask

    Not only is a detox mask a great treat (there’s a good reason we call our Prince Charcoal detox mask a “spa in a jar”), it uses bentonite clay to detox, balance, and nourish the skin. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of Prince Charcoal to clean, toned skin, and leave it on for about 8-10 minutes. Then rinse off with lukewarm water and a soft facial cloth or sponge. You can mask about once to three times a week, depending on your skin type (those with oily skin may want to do it more frequently). As you’ll notice, it has a light subtle lavender scent and doesn’t give skin that dry, cracked feeling a lot of masks do, as it includes other nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and reishi mushroom. Not only will it help detox and draw out impurities, by exfoliating the skin, it will help your moisturizer sink in better and your makeup apply more evenly.

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    Apply Serum

    Like toner, serum is a step so many people skip – but once you start using it on the regular, you’ll never want to live without it. A few drops of a serum like our Just Dew It hydrating serum will restore hydration and plump the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

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    Moisturize the Skin

    No matter what kind of skin you have, you still need to make sure you’re hydrating your skin so it doesn’t dry out. A brightening moisturizer like our Crème de la Cream will add just the right amount of moisture, help reduce the appearance of dark spots, and smooth your skin.

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    Use Eye Cream

    Yes, no matter how old you are, you really need to use eye cream because the skin around the eye area is much more delicate than the rest of the skin on your face. Our Eyes Eyes Baby anti-aging eye cream is a lightweight, hydrating eye cream that will reduce the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, and yes, even puffiness.

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    We hope this inspires you to try a little bentonite clay in your skin care routine. If it’s ever seemed too harsh (or even just too mysterious!), we hope we’ve changed your mind about trying it. It truly is one of the most effective, versatile skin care ingredients out there.