Wedding Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin

Wedding Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin

I DO!…want vibrant, radiant skin, that is. But maybe no one wants this more than a bride (or groom - we see you, fellas!) to be. Amidst painstakingly planning every last detail of the day you’ve been patiently waiting for, you may have forgotten to plot out your path to luminous, wedding day skin. But have no fear! We’ll tell you just how to get your prenuptial pampering on in ways that will have you glowing in no time!


Main Takeaways: Your wedding skin care routine shouldn’t just be left to what you do on the day of. You should start a skin care routine as soon as possible to get glowing skin on your big day.

Good to Know: If your wedding is outside, don’t forget to use sunscreen.

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The Basics: Know Before You Glow

Well, maybe not NO time. Luminous skin doesn’t happen overnight. The truth is, while most of the suggestions here are things you should do regularly, people tend to put special emphasis on their wedding day… all eyes on you, countless photos; we get it. With that greater sense of urgency to get your skincare together, it’s best to start as soon as possible. We’re talking: “They said yes!” = go time (or should we say GLOW time?)! It’s also important to establish a routine and stick to it. Your skin craves consistency. Help your skin know what to expect from you so it can act most predictably. Fully commit to your carefully chosen products and routine, and your skin will return the favor.

Step by Step

1. Keep It Clean.

Clean skin is radiant skin, so be sure to cleanse regularly and properly. We may be biased, but we’ve totally got it bad for our naturally derived cleanser, So Clean!. Formulated for all skin types, it fully removes makeup and contaminates, while replenishing moisture and enriching your skin with antioxidants. But keeping your skin clean doesn’t stop there. Stubborn oils and other skin stressors may require a deeper clean than your cleanser can provide. Try incorporating a charcoal mask into your weekly routine (our Prince Charcoal is amazing) and start scheduling monthly facials. Note that all final pre-wedding treatments should take place no less than one month before the big day.

2. Follow Up with A Toner.

A step often skipped; toner brings on the brilliance! We recommend one that hydrates while also controlling excess oil to prevent buildup and minimize the look of pores. Try using one enriched with rose oil, like our Rose and Shine toner, as this ingredient naturally encourages a healthy glow. Use morning and night, or even midday for a quick refresh.

3. Next, Apply a Vitamin C Serum.

These magical elixirs have an array of benefits, like their knack for assailing the look of fine lines and dark spots and their unparalleled ability to even tone. But they really shine bright in the brightening department! Our Nectar of the C is formulated for all skin types and is gentle enough to use daily. Gently smooth 2-3 drops onto your skin morning and night.

4. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

To secure that coveted gleam, get yourself a quality moisturizer. Moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day and provides a layer of protection against environmental stressors. When gleaming skin is the goal, go beyond hydration and apply a nourishing, nutrient rich moisturizer morning and night. But don’t simply use one moisturizer for all parts of the face. Your eye area is ultra-sensitive and has special needs. Our Eyes Eyes Baby is like magic in a jar, deeply hydrating and instantly illuminating the eye area. Use morning and night.

5. Apply Sunscreen During the Day

After you moisturize each AM, smooth on some SPF. The golden tones that can come from fun in the sun may look like a healthy glow, but they’re really just posing. Harmful UV rays can seriously damage your skin, dulling the shine you’re working so hard to achieve. It’s best to take it a step further and avoid sun exposure altogether, but if you’re stepping out, wear sunscreen - including on the big day! And if your celebration takes place outside, be sure not to limit its application to just your face. No honeymoon-bound sunburn for you, babe; you’re hot enough!

6. Exfoliate Regularly

This is not something you should do every day, but be sure to incorporate a gentle exfoliant into your routine 2-3 times a week. Exfoliants slough away dead skin cells that can gather around the edges of your pores, causing an uneven, dull appearance. Score yourself the right exfoliant for your skin and watch it reveal the even, glowing complexion you’ve been dreaming of. Also, consider scheduling a gentle peel to help encourage cell turnover a month or two in advance of donning your wedding wardrobe. Consult with your esthetician on which treatments may be right for you.

7. Damage Control

It’s ok, sweets. You’re not alone. Even with the best care, blemishes happen. But please, LAY OFF. Picking a pimple, even if you are super desperate, only brings the pain. You can create an utter disaster that even the best makeup artist can’t cover, and worse, you could cause permanent damage. Spot treating blemishes however is totally a thing and can be done safely and effectively with the right products (but only use those that you’ve used before! No surprises; remember?).

Other Tips

We would definitely be remiss if we let you think that the prospect of radiant skin was 100% wrapped up in your skincare routine. Your life and lifestyle play an enormous role in your glow.

Drink More Water. Proper hydration is critical for total body health, especially your skin. Yes, moisturizing with high quality products is major, but one cannot underestimate the crucial nature of also doing so from the inside out. Drinking enough water – around 0.5-1.0 ounce per pound you weigh daily – is one of the simplest ways to up the glow factor.

Watch What You Eat. A well-balanced diet is key for a healthy glow. Avoid foods that are deep fried or high in trans fats and processed sugars. These can cause dull, breakout-prone, uneven skin. Instead, stick to healthy fats and superfoods, as they encourage a supple texture and help manage the effects of environmental stressors, protecting your skin’s brilliance.

Exercise Regularly. The glow that comes from breaking a sweat is not easily removed by that post-workout shower. Perspiration purges the pores of toxins, oxygenating the skin and imparting that desired radiance. Opt for total body workouts to quickly get the blood circulating, and snag some added sparkle!

Get Enough Sleep. Believe it or not, our collagen repairs itself while we sleep, helping to impart a healthy glow. So get serious about your slumber.

Stress Less. We know - easier said than done, especially with your big day right around the corner and all the associated planning. But stress restricts oxygen levels in the skin, reducing moisture levels and luminosity. To stress less, try meditating or some relaxing aromatherapy. Prioritize protecting your energy and glow from the inside out.

And that’s it! Just take a deep breath, and keep it simple. Put your trust in some high-quality products and a solid routine, and take care of your body and mind. Then shift your focus so you can be present for what really matters on your special day. Congrats!