How Long Does It Take for Skin Care Products to Work?

How Long Does It Take for Skin Care Products to Work?

Chances are, you’ve had this happen yourself. You start a new skin care routine, or even just try a new product, and your skin looks absolutely no different than it did before you tried it. Or worse yet, it breaks out. You start to wonder why you even invested in the new products and before you know it, you’re either running back to the store to return them, or you’ve thrown them in the trash. Yup--we’ve all been there!

In fact, the reason you probably didn’t see any results, or experienced a break out or irritation, is not that the product is ineffective--it’s that it didn’t have enough time to become effective. Almost every product on the market requires a certain amount of time before it really starts showing results. The problem is, most of us get impatient and figure the product just doesn’t work, when in fact, we just haven’t given it a chance.

That’s why, in this article, we’re going to discuss the question, how long does it take for skin care products to work? We think it will make you give your skin care products a second chance!


Main Takeaways: If your new skin care products aren’t working, it may be that you just haven’t given them enough time yet! You should really give skin care products a minimum of 27 days to start working their best!

Good to Know: How long a product starts taking to work usually depends on what kind of job it’s trying to do.

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How Long Does It Take for Skin to Replace Itself?

Before we tackle the question, “How long does it take for skin care products to work?” let’s talk a little bit about your skin in general. You may not realize it, but your skin actually regenerates itself every 27 days. Yup, that’s right! Although the exact number of days may vary a little bit, new skin cells from the dermis and hypodermis (the layers of skin beneath the epidermis), are coming up to the top layer little by little every day. It takes just about 27 days for those new skin cells to reach the top.

Why does this happen? Well, because your skin is exposed to so much, it’s susceptible to dirt and oils and even infection. That’s why, just about every 27 days, you get a whole new skin surface! While you might not notice it, your skin literally falls off to make way for new skin.

This is key to understanding how long it takes for skin care products to work!

Different Products Take Different Amounts of Time to Work

Even though your skin regenerates just about every 27 days, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s exactly when a skin care product’s effectiveness will kick in. Some products may work faster, some may even take a little more time than that. A good rule of thumb is that the more intense the job your product is trying to do, the longer it will probably take for you to see results.

For example, take our So Clean! natural facial cleanser. There’s no question that even on the first try, you’ll probably notice a difference in how your skin feels and looks. It quickly cleanses the skin and takes off light makeup. But take a product like our Nectar of the C vitamin C serum, which is known for its ability to make skin glow, and you may find it takes a bit longer to really see that glow come through. That’s because it needs your skin to go through that cycle of regeneration so that the skin that now shows has been improved by the product.

Similarly, some products may produce instant results in some ways, but need to be used longer to produce others.

Our Crème de la Cream moisturize will moisturize the skin, but it’s also known for its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the appearance of dark spots. The first time you use it, you’ll unquestionably feel it get to work hydrating your skin (it’s full of organic aloe vera and vitamin E among other great things), but it might take a little more time before you see those wrinkles and dark spots appear to fade.

How Long Does it Take My Eye Cream to Work?

If you’re like a lot of people, your eye cream will probably take about a month or so to work. Why? Well, the skin around the eyes is very, very delicate and produces very little oil. It’s also thin so it tends to get wrinkles and lines faster than the rest of your skin (plus, it usually crinkles up when we smile). For that reason, you’ll most likely need to give an eye cream, like our Eyes Eyes Baby anti-aging eye cream, a few weeks before you really start seeing a reduction in the look of wrinkles, bags, and puffiness.

How Long Does it Take My Toner to Work?

Toners are a little like moisturizers in that they feel great right away, but to see really significant results, like reducing the look of pores, give it a few weeks. Again, that’s because the product needs the chance to get to work on that new skin.

How Long Does it Take My Detox Mask to Work?

One of the best things about our Prince Charcoal natural detox mask is that you feel it working almost instantly (seriously, your skin will look and feel fabulous immediately!). That said, as a mask that draws out impurities from the skin, keeping your skin clean and healthy, the more you use it, the better the results will be so even though it’s theoretically a once-in-a-while product, consistency is still key here.

How Long Does it Take to Get Clear Skin?

If your goal in starting a new skin care routine with over-the-counter products is to clear your skin of breakouts, irritation, or even dark spots, we recommend giving it at least 27 days, the general amount of time it takes for skin to regenerate. That said, for various reasons (like extra sun exposure, etc.) it could take longer.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Natural Skin Color Back?

Dark spots, whether caused by sun, acne, or even hormones, are a constant skin care problem for many of us. Luckily, their appearance can be reduced with a thoughtful skin care routine, but it may take a while. Although it depends on how dark the spots are (and how diligent you are about your skin care routine), it can sometimes take a few months and in some cases, even a few years.

What if My Skin Breaks Out with a New Product?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably experienced a break out with new products at one point or another. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin, oily skin, or are just prone to irritation and breakouts in general. There’s no question that skin needs a chance to acclimate to a new product, especially if it’s something you’ve never used before, like say an exfoliant. That said, if you’re still having issues after four to six weeks or so, it might be that that product contains something that really does irritate your skin and should be discontinued.

The bottom line is that most new skin care routines, even most new skin care products, need a little time to prove what they can do. After about 27 days, the general amount of time it takes for skin to go through the regeneration process, the effects of those products should be evident. So as a general rule, give new products a chance, be consistent, and try to be patient as your skin adjusts. In most cases, the wait is well worth it!