Helpful Skin Care Tips

Helpful Skin Care Tips

As a skincare company, we are big proponents of great, every day skin care products, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few skincare secrets up our sleeves. Whether passed down from our grandparents or culled from experience, we find these little healthy skin tips really improve the quality and look of our skin.


Main Takeaways: Skincare products aren’t the only way to get great-looking skin. Supplementing your skincare routine with a few little simple tips and tricks will help it glow just that much brighter!

Good to Know: A skin care tip as simple as putting your products in the fridge will help preserve them and make them work more effectively.

Recommended Products: Silk pillows, jade rollers, and good old-fashioned water.

Treat Yourself to a Skin Care Treatment by a Pro

As we said above, skincare products are great, but skin care treatment done by a professional every now and then isn’t such a bad thing. Whether that means a simple facial to really get out all the dirt and oil in the skin, an IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light) treatment to get back your glow, or a glycolic peel to help reduce the look of dark spots and uneven skin, a visit to a medical skin care practice every now and then is a great way to maintain perfect skin!

Keep Your Brushes as Clean as Your Skin

As crucial a step as this is, it’s amazing how many of us don’t even think about it. The makeup brushes, skin care brushes, washcloths, etc. you use on your face are breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. Keeping them clean is crucial to keeping your facial skin free of microbes that can cause everything from breakouts to infection. While we’re on the subject, it’s also super important to keep your hands clean as well since you’re probably using them to apply much of your skincare.

Watch Your Diet

If you’ve got sensitive or oily skin, it’s amazing how just a week or so (or even a day or two) of eating junk can affect your skin. Keep in mind, we don’t just mean greasy food--sugar, soda, and even allergy-causing foods like tomatoes can cause breakouts. Keeping your diet healthy will help keep your skin calm and looking its best.

Put Skin Care Products in the Fridge

Ever wonder why we put our Nectar of the C vitamin C serum in a dark bottle? That’s because vitamin C, like many other other ingredients, is extremely sensitive to light and oxygen levels. In fact, it’s better off when kept in your fridge as are a lot of skin care products. Not only will putting your skincare products in the fridge help preserve them, it makes them feel even that much better when you put them on your skin, especially in the summer. Don’t believe us? Put our Rose and Shine natural rose water toner in the fridge and then use it on a hot day--we have a feeling that will convince you!

Use a Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase is great for people with sensitive skin as it’s less irritating than a cotton pillow. You may also be less likely to get wrinkles with a silk pillowcase. Plus, let’s face it, it’s a lot more elegant than an old cotton pillowcase!

Use Your Ring Finger for Delicate Areas.

As we get older, our skin loses elasticity and that’s not helped by tugging and pulling at delicate areas like the eye. That’s why it’s a good idea to use your ring finger to apply product. You have less control over it than your other fingers, so you’re much less likely to cause damage by yanking at your skin.

Let your Skin Breathe with a Makeup-Free Day!

There are some great non-comedogenic makeup products out there, but it’s still a great idea to let your skin get a little air every now and then with a makeup-free day. Just keep in mind that makeup free doesn’t mean sunscreen free--if you’re going outside you still need to wear sunscreen no matter what.

Drink Water

A lot of it. One of the best skincare treatments on the market is plain old water and the more you drink of it, the better your skin will look. Along with a great moisturizer and a good skincare routine, water makes your skin look hydrated, radiant, and above all, healthy. A general rule is eight, eight-ounce glasses of water each day but if that’s just too much, just do your best--even a little extra water will most likely produce an improvement.

Always Keep Sunscreen with You

As a key component of having great skin, sunscreen is something you should always carry with you. Why? Because sunscreen must be reapplied at least every three hours (two if you’re sweating a lot) in order to be truly effective. Keep a little tube or even a stick or spray with you and you’ll be much more likely to reapply.

Be Consistent with Your Routine

Think about it: Olympic athletes don’t try to cram months of training into a few hours. They train all year long, more or less every day. That’s what you should do with your natural skincare routine. Don’t wait until dirt and oil build up and then scrub your skin until it’s raw or deprive it of moisture for weeks and then slather it in moisturizer for 24 hours. Keep it to a routine and you’ll find you have consistently great-looking skin.

Take Your Makeup Off at Night!

OK, we admit it: even as obsessed as we are with skincare, we’ve been guilty of forgetting--or just plain refusing--to make sure we take off that makeup after a long day or even a fun night out. Like everyone else, we’ve paid the price for it with puffy, mascara-covered eyes, skin that’s been dulled by old foundation, and yes, even breakouts from the oil in makeup. It’s a lot easier to maintain great skin by making sure you take your makeup off at night than it is to deal with it the next morning (and we mean properly washing with a good cleanser or makeup remover--not just splashing water on your face). If you can, a good trick for making sure you do this is not to wait until bedtime when you’re super tired. Instead, take it off around dinner time when you still have the energy!

Incorporate Tools into Your Routine

This sounds like an expensive--and extensive--undertaking, but in fact, you can pick up some great, inexpensive facial tools at just about any discount store or website. From jade rollers which are said to increase circulation and decrease puffiness to pore scrubbers that help give your skin a deep clean, to simple home facial steamers, there are some fantastic, highly effective skincare tools out there that can really add to your routine. That said, like the brushes, sponges, etc. we mentioned before, you need to make sure to keep them clean and those with sensitive skin may want to speak to a dermatologist before using.

We hope these healthy skin tips give you a few ideas about how to get your skin looking just that much better and healthier!

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