How to Give Yourself a Facial Massage

How to Give Yourself a Facial Massage

While it’s great that professional facials clean, tone, moisturize, and maybe even peel the skin, the truth is, those aren’t necessarily the best parts of a facial. The real reason we love to go for a facial is the massage. Seriously, is anything more relaxing than having someone professionally massage your face for an hour? If there is, we don’t know what it would be, which is why in this article, we’re discussing how to give yourself a facial massage, what tools to use, and all the great face massage benefits. It’s a great way to get the same results without paying a dime!


Main Takeaways: With very few exceptions, the best way to give yourself a facial massage is to go up and away from the face rather than down and towards the middle.

Good to Know: Whether you use tools or just your hands, it’s crucial to make sure you start out with super-clean instruments on a super-clean face!

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Benefits of a Facial Massage

From improving your appearance to making you feel like a million bucks, the benefits of a facial massage are numerous! Here are just a few:

A facial massage brings back color to your skin - When you massage your face, you get all the blood circulating and that gives your skin a healthy glow. If you find your skin is looking a little colorless, try a facial massage and see what happens!

A facial massage releases stress and tension - If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had the experience of walking into the facialist super tense and frustrated and walking out relaxed and happy. Just as a regular massage does for the body, by applying gentle pressure to the muscles in the face, you help relieve them of tension.

A facial massage helps drain your lymphatic system - While the research on this is still a bit murky, it’s thought that draining the lymphatic system is a great way to rid the body of toxins and fluids. Many people feel this helps improve the look of the skin as well.

A facial massage feels fantastic and is a lot less expensive than going to a spa - Part of the fun of a facial massage is that it just makes you feel great and is a wonderful way to relax. Not only that, but when you consider how expensive it is to have a professional facial massage, it’s a true bargain!

How to Give Yourself a Facial Massage

1. Start with a clean face - There aren’t a lot of mistakes you can make with a facial massage but one big one is trying to give yourself a facial massage on a dirty face or even one that’s got makeup on it. All you’ll end up doing is moving around dirt and oil and/or rubbing it into your skin. Before you even think of giving yourself a facial massage, make sure you cleanse your skin with So Clean! vegan facial cleanser.

Of course, you also want to make sure you’re starting with clean hands (or tools if you’re using any) as well for the same reason.

2. Put a dab of moisturizer or serum in your hands - You’ll need something to help make your hand move across your face easily, so put just a dab or two of either serum or moisturizer on your hands before you begin. Rub your hands together to warm them and the serum or moisturizer up.

3. Move up and out - Start from the bridge of your nose and gently apply pressure to the skin, moving up and out to your hairline. (Remember how we said there are very few mistakes you can make with a facial massage? Well, moving in towards the middle of your face is one as it will only encourage wrinkles and make the process really difficult.)

Remember that you’re trying to massage the muscles in your face so apply just enough pressure to massage them without irritating your skin. You also want to be careful around the eye area as that skin is thinner than the rest of the skin on your face and can’t take the same pressure.

4. Massage the outer part of your face - Gently make small, circular motions on your jawline and up by your temples. Since the skin on that part of your face is a little stronger, you can apply a little more pressure.

5. Go over your forehead - For this part of the face, you can either make small, circular motions, or just apply pressure moving up and away from the center of your face. You can also apply pressure to your eyebrows, again moving from the center out.

6. Gently go over your eye area - As we mentioned, the eye area is very delicate, so if you’re new to facial massage, you might want to wait until you have some basic techniques mastered (especially when it comes to applying the right amount of pressure) before you get to work on your eyes. A good method to start with is just to gently press on the area under the eye, close to your nose. Gently sweep out to your temples from there.

7. Make sure you massage your neck - Remember how we mentioned that a facial massage will help drain your lymphatic system? Well, massaging your neck and behind your ears is how you do that. First, just press gently on the spot just behind your ears and follow your neck down, applying pressure along the way. Do that several times (you can also use a circular motion here as well). It’s also a good idea to apply pressure on your chin, following your jawline up to your ears as that will also help drain your lymph nodes.

Facial Massage Tools

If you’re new to facial massage, you might find it a bit easier to use a tool. Here are a few that will get you going!

Contouring Facial Massage Roller

Although at first glance contouring facial massage rollers may look like a set of the musical instrument, maracas, in fact, they perform many different functions–none of them musical, unfortunately! Like many facial massage tools, these are said to do everything from contour your jawline, tighten your skin, drain your lymph nodes, and even help with puffiness.

Germanium Face Roller

Germanium face rollers are made with stones infused with germanium powder, a chemical said to balance out harmful positive ions acquired from all the electronic equipment we use these days. Germanium face rollers claim to help everything from puffiness to lymphatic drainage to firming face muscles.

Gua Sha

If you happen to follow Lizzo, you might already be familiar with gua sha, a small tool that’s usually a jade or rose quartz. Said to help define areas of the face like the jaw, it’s been used for centuries to help improve the skin.

Jade Roller

Those who are fans of gua sha will probably also enjoy using a jade roller. Among the many things it does is reduce puffiness and dark under eye circles. Not only that, but it helps apply skincare products more easily.

As you can see, you don’t have to be a professional facialist to give yourself a facial massage. Whether you invest in tools or not, it’s easy to skip the salon and do it yourself!

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