7 Best Vegan Skin Care Brands

7 Best Vegan Skin Care Brands

As a Leaping Bunny™ certified, cruelty-free brand that uses no animal products or animal byproducts in our line, we take every opportunity to applaud other companies that feel the same. For that reason, in this blog post, we’re featuring the 7 Best Vegan Skincare Brands. From nail polish to fragrance, body lotion to serum, there’s not a skincare product out there that doesn’t have a great vegan version. If using cruelty-free, 100% vegan products is as important to you as it is to us you won’t want to miss this list!


Main Takeaways: Today’s vegan skincare isn’t just about what goes on your face--it’s about what you use on your body, your hair, and even your nails.

Good to Know: Every Fleur & Bee product is 100% vegan so you never have to worry about using skincare that’s been made from animal products or byproducts.

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Looking for the best vegan skincare products? Look no further.

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1. Fleur & Bee

We’ll admit it: we’re proud of our reputation as a 100% vegan skincare brand that delivers high-quality products at an affordable price. Formulated with natural, effective ingredients, our products also contain no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, GMOs, artificial fragrances, gluten, dyes or anything else you wouldn’t want on your skin.

Our commitment to making sure we cause no harm doesn’t stop there. Our products are crafted with sustainably sourced ingredients and are made with 100% renewable wind energy. Plus, our packaging is made up of 100% post consumer recycled material.

Aside from all that, you might be aware that we donate 1% of all sales to Days for Girls, an organization that helps distribute menstrual hygiene products to girls in need.

Fleur & Bee

2. Zoya

It’s not just skincare that can be vegan as evidenced by vegan nail polish company, Zoya. Started by a classical pianist-turned-cosmetologist who emigrated to the U.S from Russia, the eponymous Zoya brand is 100% vegan and maintains a strong commitment to using natural ingredients--not an easy thing to do when you consider how full of chemicals most nail products are! In fact, Zoya’s chemist husband actually created the first “fast-drying” topcoat!

Not only are their products ethically produced, they’re beyond fabulous! If you’ve ever struggled to do your own nails, you should know that Zoya polishes go on like silk, and their unusual hues will have people asking you where you got that gorgeous nail polish! And at about $10, they’re an excellent value!


3. EcoTools

Yes, believe it or not, even your makeup tools can be vegan these days and EcoTools is proof of that! Vegan and cruelty free, their incredible range of makeup brushes not only cover every need from concealer to buffing, they’re infused with vitamin E to make sure your skin doesn’t dry out from all the brushing!

EcoTools also makes interchangeable brushes, which helps save not only the planet from unnecessary waste, but helps save you money and space in your makeup drawer! (You know, the one that’s been covered in powder and broken eye shadow for the last year!). Finally, if you’re more into makeup sponges than brushes, check out their biodegradable makeup sponges.

Possibly best of all? They’re incredibly affordable with most products under $20.


4. e.l.f.

Chances are, you may have seen this very affordable brand while browsing the aisles of Target, but what you might not have known is that it’s completely vegan. Short for EyesLipsFace, the company is perhaps best known for their makeup line which includes everything from lipstick to setting spray. It’s also incredibly cheap--while most products hover around or below the $10 mark, a few go above $20 (the most expensive products are around $50), making them within the range of most consumers. If you’ve always dismissed it as a bargain store brand, give it a try next time you see it.


5. Beachwaver Co.

Who among us hasn’t looked at the perfectly wavy hair of a surfer or beach bunny and thought, “I want that!” Well, not only can you have it, you can get it via a 100% vegan company! The Beachwaver Co. is a female-started brand that makes hair care products like shampoo, dry shampoo and conditioners (and tools like curling irons) that deliver perfect beachy waves. If you’re trying to get or extend that “just came from the ocean!” look this is the perfect way to do it!

Beachwaver Co.


Speaking of the beach, if you know anything about the Fleur & Bee philosophy, you know we are very strong believers in sunscreen. For that reason, we’re including COOLA on our list of best vegan skincare brands. Makers of some great sunscreens, COOLA offers everything from SPF in spray form to sunless tanning products that can get you that sun-kissed look without ever having to step foot outside.


7. Aveda

Founded over 40 years ago by Horst Rechelbacher, an internationally known hairdresser who studied Ayurvedic medicine, Aveda is known primarily for its salons and its haircare products. That said, they also make a great line of body and hand lotions which, like the hair care products, are 100% vegan. In addition to its commitment to producing only 100% vegan products, Aveda is a supporter of charity: water which gets much needed clean water to communities all over the world.


We hope that gives you some ideas about how to make sure your entire beauty routine is 100% vegan (and not just the products you put on your face). With everything we now know about how to make effective vegan skin care products, there’s really no reason you can’t go 100% vegan.

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