The Best Skin Care Routine for Your 50s

The Best Skin Care Routine for Your 50s

If you’re in your 50s – or even just about to hit the big 5-0 – you’ve probably noticed your skin starting to act a little differently. Maybe it’s a little drier, a little more sensitive, and maybe the skincare routine you had before just isn’t doing the job any more. If it isn’t, chances are you just need a few little tweaks to your regime to compensate for whatever changes your skin is going through. Just as your body is going through change, so is your skin. The key is understanding what to expect and coming up with a plan for how to tackle those changes. The good news? Not only is that an easy fix, but now that you’re in your 50s, you're in your prime in many other ways! So don’t despair – about your skin or anything else! This is a great decade and with a little extra effort, you’ll have great skin to take you through it!


Main Takeaways: Don’t be shocked if you start to experience changes in your skin once you hit 50. From dryness to a lack of elasticity, a shift in the way your skin looks and feels is completely normal.

Good to Know: Although there are many changes to the skin in your 50s, there are also just as many solutions – simply adjust your skincare routine.

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How Your Skin Might Change in Your 50s

The older we get, the more changes we start to experience with our skin, both from a visual standpoint and in terms of the way our skin feels. Many of the changes are the same as they were a decade ago, just a lot more intense and a lot more noticeable. As we’ll discuss later, the best way to make sure they’re not even more intense in your 60s, is to address those changes now!

Here are some of the ways our skin changes in our 50s:

Fine lines and wrinkles get deeper - Chances are, at some point in your 40s, you noticed more lines on your face than ever before. While it’s all but impossible to completely avoid lines, chances are what you were seeing then were the results of damage to the skin when you were younger. Although you probably don’t regret the fun, we’re guessing you don’t love the damage. In this decade, those lines will probably start to get a little deeper and a little more pronounced, as your skin has been losing collagen as early as your 30s. Where once your lines just looked as if they were on the surface, they might now look more pronounced.

Also, in the previous decade, our fine lines and wrinkles showed up mostly when we smiled or made a certain face – otherwise, you might never know we had any lines. However, those lines often show up even when your face is at rest when we hit our 50s; but don’t worry, we know not smiling isn’t an option so we have some solutions below.

Fine lines and wrinkles show up in new places - Most of us start to experience fine lines and wrinkles in our 40s around our eyes, where the skin on our face is the thinnest and has less oil glands. In our 50s, however, we may start to see lines show up in other places like the forehead, on the cheeks, or around the mouth. That means you’re going to have to start paying special attention to those areas.

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Your skin’s elasticity diminishes even more - Elasticity in the skin is basically its ability to bounce back after it’s pulled or tugged. When you were younger, you could probably squint your eyes tightly to create wrinkles but once you relaxed, those little lines completely disappeared. Now if you did that, you’d probably notice those little lines would still be there once you relaxed your face. Just as you have been losing collagen in our skin as the years have gone by, you also have been losing elastin.

Your skin doesn’t look as plump as it once did - Baby fat is definitely called baby fat for a reason — the fat in our skin that keeps it looking smooth and healthy starts to diminish as we get older which is why you might find that not only does your face not have that healthy glow and plump look it did when you were younger, but your face may begin to look thinner as well. You might even notice that your cheeks might start to look a little hollow.

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Age spots start to really show up - Although you may have experienced dark spots or even age spots in your 40s, you might really start to see age spots in your 50s! Also sometimes referred to as “liver spots,” they happen because of sun damage to the skin, and once you’re in your 50s, they’ll most likely be more prominent. While they’re generally harmless, it’s always a good idea to see a dermatologist about any newly visible spots.

Your skin will feel dramatically drier - Even if you had oily skin when you were younger, it’s possible you experienced some dryness in your 40s. Now, in your 50s, there’s a good chance your skin is going to feel even more dry. It’s a fact that’s due to a lot of different things — from your skin producing less oil, to a drop in estrogen, to all those years of sunbathing catching up with you. Of all the changes you’ll experience, this is probably the one you’ll notice the most, because it not only affects how your skin looks, but how it feels.

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How to Take Care of Your Skin in Your 50s

While your skincare routine is probably going to stay more or less the same in your 50s, it’s going to matter more than ever which products you use and how you use them. Not only that, but if you haven’t already made lifestyle changes to help your skin, now is definitely the time!

Here are some tips about how to create the best anti-aging regimen for your 50s:

1. Cleanse: Face Wash

Make sure you’re using gentle skincare products - Years ago, you may have been able to wash your skin with whatever was on sale, but these days, it’s really crucial that you choose products that are going to be gentle to your skin. For example, you’ll want to make sure you use a non-drying cleanser like our So Clean! facial cleanser.

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2. Hydrate: Toner

Hydrate your skin any way you can - Making sure your skin is well hydrated has never been more important and while that certainly includes using a moisturizer, that’s not the only way you can hydrate your skin. We recommend adding an extra boost of moisture with a hydrating toner that helps skin look refreshed and smooth. 

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3. Treat: Eye Cream & Serum

Pay special attention to your eyes - There’s no time like the present to begin using eye cream, if you haven’t started already. A good anti-aging eye cream will deeply moisturize the delicate skin around your eyes while softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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You can also follow up with a hydrating serum to help plump your skin with the hydration it needs, resulting in less noticeable fine lines.

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Incorporate retinol and vitamin C into your routine - Now that you’re in your 50s, it’s super important that you protect your skin from environmental stressors trying to harm it. A great way to do that is with retinol. Not only does it protect the skin, it helps to restore and rejuvenate your skin, providing huge anti-aging benefits such as a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles and helping to firm and lift your skin.

It’s also a great idea to incorporate vitamin C into your routine as it helps leave skin glowing with health. This is really crucial since our skin has a tendency to become dull as we get older. Our Nectar of the C vitamin C serum will also help to minimize the look of dark spots that you may now see.

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And if you’re wondering if it’s OK to use both together, the answer is absolutely, just don’t layer retinol and vitamin C at the same time.

4. Moisturize: Face Cream

Restore moisture to your skin and seal it all in with a face cream. While serums can work wonders to hydrate and moisturize, they typically lack occlusive ingredients. These ingredients create a physical barrier to lock in moisture and prevent water loss in your skin. While many face creams use mineral oils, petroleum or even silicone as their occlusive ingredients, we have opted for botanical ingredients that will nourish your skin and create a protective barrier. Our H2 Oh Yeah hydrating moisturizer features shea butter, a natural and clean occlusive ingredient that is vitamin-rich and excellent for dry, dehydrated skin.

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5. Protect: Sunscreen

Use more sunscreen than you ever knew existed - OK, we’re being cute, but it’s no joke that if you haven’t already incorporated sunscreen into your skincare routine, you must — as in, really, truly, no joke, MUST start now! Everyday! We’d be hard pressed to think of anything that ages skin more than the sun, so unless you want to really speed up the aging process, start slathering on the sunscreen. Although it probably goes without saying, stay the heck out of the sun!

So, remember, although you might see some changes to your skin in this new decade, the great thing is that you’ll be in your prime in every possible way! Why not make sure your skin looks as great as you feel with our 5-Step Deluxe Skincare Set. We’ve included all the major parts of your daily routine (cleanser, toner, vitamin C serum, eye cream and moisturizer) – all for only $108.

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