The 7 Best Serums for Dry Skin

The 7 Best Serums for Dry Skin

Having dry skin is rough — in more ways than one. Aside from that very common and uncomfortable tight feeling, those with dry complexions have to deal with flakiness, sensitivity, and itchiness on the regular. All of that is before you take into account the havoc that pollution, UV rays, and seasonal changes can wreak.

We have good news for you– there are many highly effective hydrating serums out there tailor-made to please parched skin. Because serums are highly concentrated and free of the occlusive ingredients lotions contain, they are the secret weapon for dry and other skin types. When layered beneath a creamy moisturizer, you get real results.

We've gathered a list of the finest hydrating serums that are also clean, vegan and cruelty free; keep reading for the best of the best!


Main Takeaways: From arid climates and seasonal changes, to genetics and diet, dryness has a way of creeping into complexions. This carefully curated list boasts eleven serums for rehydrating and replenishing across several categories to meet different skincare needs.

Good to Know: Serums should be used before your AM or PM moisturizers to seal in all the concentrated goodness they provide.

Recommended Products: Just Dew It Hydrating Serum, Nectar of the C Vitamin C Serum.


Want the perfect serum with hyaluronic acid for all skin types? We've got just the thing.

Shop Just Dew It

The Best Of the Best


Looking for an award-winning hyaluronic acid serum that is clean, vegan, cruelty free, and safe for sensitive skin? Your search is over. Just Dew It ticks all the boxes and is (in our humble opinion) the best face serum for deeply hydrating and nourishing all skin types.

Our Self Healthy Beauty Award Winning serum took the trophy for Best Serum for Dull and Dry Skin when it debuted in 2022. It features 14 active ingredients, including antioxidant prickly pear seed oil and sea buckthorn oil. Skin-balancing squalane makes it great for any skin type, including oily and combination skin. Radiant, glowing skin is yours with this fan-fave. 


Best Drugstore Serum for Dry Skin


Next up is a serum you can find at your local drugstore at a budget-friendly price. However, a lower price tag doesn't mean a product is any less potent than their higher-priced counterparts. Try Versed’s Moisture Maker Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum. This affordable little bottle will boost your skin's natural protective barrier. It features snow mushroom extract to smooth and soothe your skin.

Best Firming Serum for Dry Skin

Andalou Naturals Coconut Milk Firming Serum

If your main concern — aside from relieving skin-sapping dryness — is to restore firmess to you skin with natural ingredients, Andalou Naturals' Quenching Coconut Milk Firming Serum is a smart choice. 98% of their formulas are naturally derived, and are vegan and cruelty-free, just like us. This serum harnesses the fatty and amino acid power of coconut milk to nourish and hydrate alongside water-binding nutrients from the prickly pear cactus.


Best Brightening Serum for Dry Skin

Fleur & Bee Nectar of the C


Nectar of the C is packed with potent natural botanicals and is gentler than other vitamin C serums. That's thanks to the use of Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a stable form of vitamin C that hydrates, wards off age-inducing stressors, and diminishes the look of fine lines. Featuring softening and conditioning organic jojoba and moisture-locking organic aloe vera, it's an ideal companion for dry skin types. We’ve also added hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to keep your skin smooth and super hydrated. Our vitamin C serum really does it all!

Best Calming Serum for Dry Skin

The Yellow Bird's Blue Tansy Face Oil

If your complexion needs help calming redness and irritation that often comes along with dry skin, we like The Yellow Bird's Blue Tansy Face Oil. This hand-made solution is bursting with natural vegan ingredients like squalane, jojoba, and camellia that deeply hydrate and calm the look of temporary redness. The blue tansy gives this face oil a lovely blue hue while soothing your skin.


Best Skin Plumping Serum for Dry Skin

Moon Juice Plump Jelly Vegan Hyaluronic Serum

Known for their cosmic creations in-store and meticulously formulated skincare and supplements, Moon Juice’s Plump Jelly works to restore elasticity and bounce to dry complexion. It combines peptides, hyaluronic acid,beet amino acid, and silver ear mushroom to hydrate and promote plumper, healthier skin.


Best Vegan Collagen Serum for Dry Skin

​​Pacifica Vegan Collagen Complex Serum

You have likely heard about the benefits of adding collagen to your regimen for skin health, but did you know that you can get these benefits in an animal-friendly option? Enter vegan collagen. Pacifica's Vegan Collagen Complex Serum makes hydration a priority for restoring a youthful glow. Its concentrated medley of ingredients includes flower extracts, hyaluronic acid, japonica seed oil, and – of course– vegan collagen. If you are questioning the effectiveness of vegan collagen, don't be — Pacifica uses real collagen proteins made from a plant-based fermentation process that equals animal collagen's biochemical, structural, and physical properties. 


Serums are the helping hand moisturizers need when it comes to tackling dry skin. Remember that they always work best when applied to clean skin and followed up by a proper facial moisturizer. 

Now that you have this round-up to refer to, you'll be well on your way to finding what works for you. Happy healing!

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