Best Anti-Aging Ingredients

Best Anti-Aging Ingredients

We are firm believers that having beautiful skin can be had at every age. But that doesn’t mean we don’t understand wanting to keep it fresh! With its innumerous options and wide range of available formulas (some of which regrettably tout illusory claims), the world of anti-aging skincare can be a bewildering place. So how does one navigate the labyrinth of perfectly packaged products and separate the diamonds from the duds? Well, if we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times: know your ingredients - and there’s a ton of them out there! But we’ve got a sweet spot for a few in particular. Stay tuned for our top 5 picks for natural anti-aging skincare ingredients that you’ll want to employ for a complexion as ageless as you are!


Main Takeaways: Not all products that claim to be “anti-aging” are created equal. For results you can see, you’ll want to seek out tried and trusted ingredients that are proven to offer the best chance at minimizing the signs of aging.

Good to Know: Once you have some solid products on hand, be sure to use them in the right order and refer to the manufacturer’s directions for “dosage.” Remember that when it comes to quality skincare, less is usually more.

Recommended Products: Nectar of the C Vitamin C Serum, Prince Charcoal Detox Mask, Just Dew It Hydrating Serum, Youth Fairy Retinol Moisturizer and Eyes Eyes Baby Anti-Aging Eye Cream.


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Top Five Ingredients for Natural Anti-Aging Skincare

1. Retinol

Retinol is probably one of the most universally celebrated anti-aging skincare ingredients, with an impressive track record offering undeniable results. It is a form of vitamin A and, while it can be found in innumerous and widely accessible over-the-counter products, it is also available in more potent prescription-strength formulas (often referred to as retinoids) through your doctor.

Retinol compliments your skin’s natural renewal process to yield a fresh youthful glow while minimizing the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging (e.g., dark spots and dullness). One of the most highly studied and clinically proven skincare ingredients out there, retinol is known for its ability to increase cell turnover and stimulate collagen production, which results in much smoother, younger looking skin. While retinol has been known to cause irritation and dryness, there are ways you can benefit from this powerful anti-aging skincare ingredient without harsh side effects. Youth Fairy retinol moisturizer contains 0.03% retinol, making it perfect for beginner retinol users and those who are looking for a gentle, clean and vegan alternative. We have included a plethora of skin soothing botanicals to support the anti-aging benefits of retinol while keeping your skin soft and well-nourished.

Retinol is a naturally-derived compound with a variety of origins, some of which are plant based, making said retinol formulas perfect for those committed to a vegan lifestyle. But while it may seem like there is a retinol for everyone, those who are pregnant or nursing should abstain from use unless otherwise directed by their doctor.

2. Vitamin C

This super vitamin works similarly for your skin as it does for your whole body. It works to prevent things like environmental stressors and sun exposure from breaking down the integrity of the skin, helping to preserve its youth and vibrancy. In just a matter of weeks, research has shown that the consistent application of vitamin C can increase hydration, brighten and even skin tone, reduce the appearance of dark spots, and minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Yes, please!

But with its power could come an intensity that isn’t for the faint of… dermal layers. Those who plan on using vitamin C regularly, especially those with sensitive skin, should opt for gentler formulas, like Fleur & Bee’s Nectar of the C. It is fortified with 10 nourishing actives and a blend of powerful botanicals, but also happens to be super mild and non-irritating. This makes it perfect for all skin types. And as with all vitamin C serums, be sure to handle with care, close securely, and store away from the sun after use, as air and light can cause oxidation and render this otherwise powerful elixir ineffective.

3. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant, which means it hydrates by drawing moisture from the atmosphere and delivering it to and through the surface of the skin. This added hydration helps to bring about a plumper, juicier complexion with seemingly fewer fine lines and wrinkles - all powered by molecules that can hold up to 1000 times their weight in water! In addition to the extra hydration, some users even report experiencing increased elasticity and firmness in just a matter of weeks!

Like retinol, you can find hyaluronic acid in all kinds of products to cover every step of your routine; you just have to know how to identify it. So avoid a bewildering game of hide and seek by knowing its alternate moniker. Sodium hyaluronate is the water-soluble salt form of hyaluronic acid and allows for deep penetration into the skin. Just Dew It hydrating serum contains hyaluronic acid in the form of sodium hyaluronate, which works to infuse your thirsty skin with the hydration it craves. Supported by soothing botanicals and nourishing antioxidants, this skin-reviving serum helps to plump your skin, resulting in a glowing, healthy complexion.

4. Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid, or AHA, derived from sugar cane and is famed for its ability to effectively firm, tighten, and exfoliate skin without physical abrasives. The result is a more youthful, glowing complexion… sometimes almost instantly!

Glycolic acid is made up of exceptionally small molecules, which aids in its effectiveness and ability to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin. As it works to unstick dead skin cells and resurface the skin, it also helps to support the outermost dermal layers by encouraging protein production for visibly firmer skin with a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

But as with some of the other ingredients listed here, glycolic acid is super powerful, so go slowly when incorporating it into your regimen. To avoid hypersensitivity, consider starting with just a few days per week and increase the frequency with your growing tolerance. Or rather than opting for something like a glycolic cleanser, which calls for repeat use, consider a mask that you could easily insert into your routine at your discretion. Our Prince Charcoal, which features glycolic acid, will not only radically help detoxify your skin but will also work to restore its natural radiance. And being a mask, you can also tailor the length of time you let it chill on your skin for an even more customized experience based on your own sensitivities.

Lastly, be sure to tack on an extra layer of SPF when incorporating glycolic acid (or any AHA) into your routine, as photosensitivity may occur.

5. Gotu Kola

Last but certainly not least in our lineup is none other than gotu kola . A close cousin of the parsley plant, this ancient perennial herb is native to the wetlands of India and other parts of Asia. It has been applied for centuries as a holistic rejuvenative, and is lauded for its ability to revitalize skin to bring about a fresh-faced and fabulous complexion. It offers a wide range of superpowers for your skin, namely its ability to tighten and smooth, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But it is majorly effective at kicking other signs of aging as well, including dark spots and dullness, which makes it a great fit for the eye area. Say bye-bye to dark circles and puffiness and amp up hydration with our gotu kola-laden Eyes Eyes Baby! Achieve a youthful, dewy glow and smooth out the most delicate skin on your body without irritation and see visible results that only get better with repeat use!

So go ahead; get down with these all natural answers to the clock’s tick tock for not only youthful, but healthy skin that glows… no matter how many birthday candles you’re lighting this year!